It’s a type of dream-catcher.. modern version though. It really works! A year after I made it, I have doubled my monthly income! And it’s just beautiful, right!

If you want one, let me know – I’ll be happy to create one for you 😉

Size: 66 W x 77 H x 7 D cm 

First idea of this sculpture: The human psyche contains many unique talents and abilities. People, however, are programmed to be in the single expression of their self. They allow themselves very limited amount of energy in their lives. Which then, of course, also translates into money. Each of us has a lot of passion, talents and brilliance within – we can go beyond the socially programmed limits and live in real abundance! 
Parallel idea: Electricity is currently generated by large power plants and distributed to individual homes. But what if everyone could generate their own electricity independently from outside power plants?