This sculpture contains full essence of the new spirituality, which I propose as part of the Church of Art project.

There we have an aspect – dilapidated and tired with his endless journey – a spiritual seeker whom I have been for many many years. His head is pierced with a nail, symbolizing the sensuality he has rejected, and the pleasure of life I denied myself of.

On my spiritual path I have experienced this rejection very deeply – how one can deny all the abundance and richness that the human senses offer. Instead, I practices discipline, fasting, celibacy, poverty, constant contemplation, meditations, prayers and various spiritual techniques – all to get closer to God.

Labyrinths of dogma, meanders of philosophy and constant search for answers about the meaning of life, its existence and what is beyond human existence. The life of a spiritual seeker is the life of a monk, who still denies and improves himself to become worthy in the eyes of God. Worthy of transcendence.

The Y shaped shape , that stands next toi the monk is an artist. A New Energy Artist who is a great fruit of this long spiritual work. It is my discovery. I discovered it within myself after walking through the Bridge of Swords and the great darkness of psychic hells – i.e. the non-physical dimensions, surrounding Earth, where various mental games take place. I walk trough and broke free!

I reached the bottom and jumped. And as I flew up, I rose to the spheres of crystalline potentials and, suddenly, felt her.

My muse. My soul. My heart… my art!

She caught me dried like desert sand; tired as an old dog; but full of love and hope, like a spring butterfly. She flooded me with love, like a salutary rain that saturated my troubled existence.

She embraces me, like an eagle embraces its chick, ready for the first flight. She showed me what life is, and who I am … and that I must stop my spiritual pursuit of enlightenment, because it dries me out. Sterilizes me. Destroys. Squeezes life essence out of me.

No more! – I said to myself. Enough mortification … I am what I am. Perfectly myself. No more search. No more suffering. Life that be! LIFE, I say! Joy I feel! Mu heart sings!

Then I saw the whole field of potentials surrounding me. Various colorful creations, musical variations, inventions, books, poetry, dance. This is the land of my Soul – I felt. Here is the real spirituality! – expression of creativity beyond the grotesque mazes of the mind and its silly limitations!

With time, making art has become my meditation. Creativity – my soul, which I searched for forever; I was looking not where it needed to be looked; I was searching for it in the mind! While it is the essence of a fiery heart!

Joy became my prayer. Expression – a spiritual transcendental experience!

I walked a long way, and fell down many times to finally get up and see, that what I was looking for was always in me. So simple. So elegant. So raw and true – ME. I am!

My eyes cleansed, realizing that human life, in itself, is already full of mystical depth. Finally, I understood that it is not about negating my human nature and becoming an exalted angel. It is about letting go of all of it in order to fully accept myself as all that I am, including my human self, with all its elements. It’s about embracing life with the true love, that my beloved muse embraced me with.

Dimensions: 80 x 21 x 31 cm
Materials: pine wood, oak wood, oil paints, metal nail, and some other gadgets.