Authentic Spirituality is about returning to natural creative expression.

Dimensions: 52 x 60 x 37 cm
Material: pine wood, hornbeam, birch, oil and acrylic paints, protective, colorless varnish for wood; small bulb.

Creating this sculpture was a long journey into my Authentic Truth. Throughout the years I have explored many spiritual paths and techniques. Most of them turned out untrue. Based solely on belief, bringing no real results. I felt like I’m being deceived and played with. Finally I broke. I had my mental breakdown and spent over 2 years in a state of deep depression, self-doubt and fear. 
Then, one early spring morning, I sat in my garden, begging Spirit for help. I cried and felt a great relief come over me. I couldn’t and still can’t explain that, what I felt. I felt that it’s all gonna be ok. Somehow I just knew it’s all gonna work out. I knew that I’m going to be healed and able to live again. And so it happened. 
Here I am many years later. I have to genuinely say that there is more than just this human reality. I’ve experienced it on my own skin. Trying to find the answers and enlightenment through the mind and it’s spiritual approaches and tricks, led me into mental illness. Letting go and embracing life as it is, even though it was hell for me back then – at least from the standpoint of normal human perception – brought me healing and realization beyond spiritual concepts and aspirations. 
After leaving the garden on that springy morning I got drunk and wrote a poem. Then I painted a simple, childish painting, and then I took some wood and made my first sculpture. Art became my way out of misery of the mind’s grim games. 
A few years later I got it all. Clarity came to me in most amazing ways. Mostly through making and contemplating my art and Heart. 
So this particular sculpture represents all of that. I made it this summer to once again bring my spiritual concepts out of the way and get back into the core of my true, authentic Spirit — my Creative Essence. 
I discovered through passion, determination, fascination, and a lot of pain, how empty spiritual concepts and techniques really are. Most of it is just sugar. It sounds good, and makes you feel good for a while, but it has no nutritional value. 
Authentic Spirituality is found through your own human, down-to-Earth experience. There is no other way. We are all unique and sovereign beings, and every one of us has to discover it themselves. in their own way. 
Enlightenment cannot be prayed, meditated, or learnt from a sacred book. It is to be realized through your own expression of the Spirit within. Beyond the mind. Beyond trying hard and using force. 
Surrender. Feel yourself. Feel everything around you and embrace life. And then, when your compassion makes your PASSION come out — express thyself. 
Through this conscious, open and goalless, creative act, you will know. You will simply KNOW. 
This is what my sculpture invites.