Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 36 cm
Materials: Wooden elements found deep in the forest, painted with HQ oils, plastic electric socket with a green cone, symbolizing life force energy; copper conduits symbolizing inter-dimensional connections.

Typical perception of reality is grey and boring. It is vastly limited by the silly mental mechanism, called self-doubt.

We learn it as little children. We adopt it from our parents, teachers and priests, who are very clear about what is and what is not real, disregarding the power of imagination and extra-sensory abilities, that all children naturally have.

That is why, when humans grow up, they become bored and depressed about life. It becomes dull. Humans live in a small box of reality. It lacks the depth and breadth of spirit, forgetting that Spirit, Soul is who we really are!

And not only we, humans. Everything around us has much more layers of perception and richness to it! It is not just a mental concept, but an experience, that everybody can open themselves to! That everybody can remember!

All we need back is allowing our child-self or inner child to breathe again. All we need is to trust ourselves again, and let go of the strict limitations of the mind. The mind, that was programmed to see only a little speck of reality, all the while there is so much more to feel and enjoy!

Traveling beyond self-doubt is a sculpture, that embodies this idea. It is filled with energy and consciousness codes, that can aid you in opening up yourself and living fully again!

It will help awaken your child-like imagination and sense of wonder. There can be no depression, neither boredom, when your inner child is allowed to FEEL again. Just give it a try!