Second title: Beyond-Ship

It’s like with creator-ship, relation-ship, pirates ship, or any other ship. It’s about going beyond… traveling into the unseen… the dark waters of yet to be realized, or brought into defined consciousness… we all have it… it’s a drive to go for more… to experience something new & exciting… it’s a type of ship… a compass… yeah… motorboat! Hahaha

Size: 62 W x 62 H x 44 D cm
Materials: wood of pine, oak, beech, hornbeam, ash, birch, oil paints, blueberry antlers, pine cones and a few other gadgets.

Destination Unknown! is a conceptual sculpture about discovering what has not been yet known. 
Because, you know (pun intended 😛 ), this “unknown” is right here – it’s all around us. It is sensuality that goes beyond the known and defined perceptions of the energy, and reality that surrounds us. Exploring the Unknown is an act of perception, that expands your consciousness. 
This is what my ship sculpture symbolizes. It is a ship of consciousness. It comprises of many long ears, kind of like the rabbit has. Those ears are symbolic of all the inner voices we hear everyday. Those voices are what causes us to act in this or that way. We make decisions based on what we think and feel. So it is vital that we recognize which of the voices are our own, and which are simply programming, something we were taught and told by others. Those false voices are like tapes in our head, that want to protect us, but in this protective attitude we become afraid to make a new choice. To try things out. To do something different than usually. 
Listen! You will never, ever experience something new, different and exciting in your life, if you keep listening and obeying those old tapes. Clean your ears. Feel the radiance of adventure! Open your intuition up (symbolized by those neat silver-orange horns)! 
Hear your true self, deep within you, that can take you on a whole new, amazing cruise… into the unknown! 
I also wanted to add that creating this ship was a really intense experience for me. I had to face my own limitations and fears, in order to set myself free. It took a few months, but was well worth it. 
You can buy this sculpture and help yourself with going beyond your limitations. It contains an energetic essence, that can aid you in opening your consciousness and feeling into new potentials in your life.