Dimensions: h = 45 * w = 20 * d = 19 cm
Materials: birch wood, hornbeam and pine trees, oil paints, metal key, electronic beetle starter system, pencil, crystal ball and other gadgets.

It’s a type of unicorn – just that it’s a bunny with a horn or latin “corn” – however you wish to call it.

It’s about being able to hear beyond the noise of mass consciousness aka the Matrix. There is noise all around, all the time, that makes our minds set in a certain way. Scientifically it is called beta brainwaves frequency (12.5 – 30 Hz). Hence why I call it Beta-stress mentality. Because it’s fear-based. It makes you run like a scared rabbit or a bunny.

Beta is ok when it’s balanced with other more relaxed frequencies (alfa, delta and theta), but overdosing it really sucks. It will make you feel small, and depressed, passionless, un-creative, confused, and very anxious. So that so you start acting almost like a robot. Running around, doing things that you don’t really want – serving others instead loving yourself first.

Becoming beta-stressed bunny is a sure way to be a slave. It’s a fascinating phenomenon and it’s not natural! This survival mechanism built into our brains and hardcoded via centuries of evolution – isn’t natural at all! It’s a construct, a type of hypnotic overlay, a relict of the past. So how to free yourself from it?

Well, that’s way we all have a corn! Yay! Some call it third-eye or intuition… it allows us to listen and feel into new potentials, and have great creative ideas… and then to go for them! Express something a little crazy, but brilliant, new & innovative… yeah!

BunnyCorn is still a rabbit. The difference is in awareness. BunnyCorn is an Alpha (8–12 Hz) oriented bunny. He’s not anxious about his survival in this big & hostile world. He dwells in trust in Life itself. He trusts himself. He knows he is the Master. He feels safe enough to allow the awareness of creative life-force energies within and all around. He allows energy to serve him, instead of being a slave – fighting for survival.

BynnyCorn is a type of unicorn that we all have within! Feel it! Let it soar and express the inspiration that comes to you in the moment. Do it with passion and joy!… And balls too!

Oh, and by the way, yes, BunnyCorn indeed loves popcorn!