The Integrated Circuit of Life (TICoL) [buy]

The Integrated Circuit of Life (TICoL) is a sculpture that represents the choice of guiding energy in life. It is a device that I designed in a way similarly to how an electronics engineer designs a an electronic circuit, necessary for the operation of a computer, television or washing machine.

The difference is that instead of electricity it uses psychic life-force energy (PSI), which is a bit like electricity, but has different properties. In its pure form it is neither light nor dark, neither negative nor positive – it is purely creative, conscious energy that animates life in all Nature, and can be infused into matter.

This creative energy can be used however you want in life, by creating your own integrated energy circuits – thus modeling your life experience in any way you choose.

For example, you can create a normal human life by duplicating one of the ready-made social energy schemes. You can live like everyone else, generally guided by satisfying your basic human needs. You grow up, start a family, go to work, grow old and die. It’s a regular, normal human life, and it is a beautiful experience!

But you can also introduce into the integrated circuit of your life, into your own bio-electronics of life, an element of the Soul. An element of joy that is not only on the human level, but also on the deeper, spiritual level.

By introducing this spiritual ingredient into the expression of your reality, it significantly changes all your life’s dynamics and functionalities. Just like with an electronic circuitry board. It can be a very simple scheme to control a toaster or ice maker, excavator, washing machine or dryer, or it can something much grander. You can be someone much grander, than just a simple human!

You can reshape your consciousness, choose and create an integrated energy circuit that will be much more sophisticated. Thus the functionality of your life energy will be at a much higher, multidimensional level.

So in my TICoL sculpture I present an example of such an energetic, somewhat bio-electronic system … or rather I would call it an artistic-electronic system, or a creatonic system, or maybe a crystal-electrix circuit? Hmmm … wait, wait, I’ve already called it… PSI+art!

PSI-electronica – or PSI+art – is something similar to electronics, except that it operates at a much higher level, because it harnesses… psychic energy. Spiritual energy. Energy of potentials, conscious choices, soul desires and creativity. Well, maybe it sounds a bit like black magic, but it’s simply a type of futuristic technology.

Integrated Circuit of Life sculpture I present an example of such an artistic-crystalline-psycho-electronic circuitry … a type of arte-electronica, that expresses my conscious choices in life. My own Life Design – what’s important to me, what functionality I desire to experience in my reality.

The basic energy elements contained in this sculpture are: sacred sexuality, art (i.e. the expression of creative energy in an artistic and original way), and my own energetic sovereignty, which also includes the integration of aspects.

I am aware that it all sounds a bit enigmatic, so if you are interested in this and want more detailed description – just let me know.

If you feel that these energy/consciousness designs are also something you’d like to have present in your life, let me know, and I’ll be happy to send you this amazing crystalline energy device, called  The Integrated Circuit of Life (TICoL).

The shipping cost depends on your location and varies from $25 (EU) to $250 (US).

Dimensions: 63 cm (L) 21 cm (W) 55 cm (H)
Materials: pine & hornbeam wood, OSB board, glass, plastic & metal, oil paints, transparent varnish.

This sculpture/device can be both hanged on a wall (it has a hanger attached) and used as a free-standing object.