Creating my art is an alchemical process. This one is a story that I have never told so far. It’s about a boy, who feels very lost and disillusioned in his life. So much so that he wishes to be saved by someone… something from deep within himSelf.

He’s crying.


On the verge of suicide.

Begging to Spirit for just a little spark of hope and clarity…

He falls on the ground, ready to be gone.

The silence swallows him like an ocean of the unknown universe…

And then, out of this vast darkness of nothingness, a miracle takes over his senses – invigorates his body and mind…

I am Alpha-Bis, says the voice from the dark.
I am you, who has already realized the immense freedom of who you are.
Indeed I am your purest self – the most encompassing totality of you!

And the boy sees an animal. Magnificent, shimmering with gold and all colors of the rainbows – even the ones that human eyes cannot see!

One moment it looks like a noble old Deer with antlers that suddenly change into an old sturdy oak – deeply rooted in the moist earth of the essence of Life.

Its gritty energy emanates as if from the center of the whole Universe, with galaxies rotating around in this peculiar, surreal dance.

And then, from the very core of the oak’s trunk, the lion roars wild! Sparkling with all kinds of exotic birds, singing all the notes of creativity & joy of life!

And then the notes start shimmering and shivering & turn into beautiful bubbles… The potentials of the new universes that we can choose and become!

“I am Alpha-Bis”, said the voice from within the dark of what seemed to be the end of life!
You – dear human – you make a sculpture, my friend! And let this shine be felt by all who wish to live the Good Life!
And remember – I am a Leo part of you… I am your voice in Spirit! You are a Leopard! And Deerly ? loved you are!
So be that!”

And that’s how I made this sculpture – Connecting Alpha-Bis – future potentials unabridged.

PS: this exquisite sculpture is available – throw me a note & get it! ­čśë

The observer’s awareness shapes reality.