To the point, a sculpture about pounding straight from the bridge, which I created to transform my writing and stop “beating around the bush”

Size: 25 W x 24 H x 45 D cm 

Sometimes, a funny thing happens with my sculptures: they change with time. Actually, they change because my consciousness is changing! 

My sculptures are not just typical sculptures! They – apart from beauty – bring with them something more: conceptual charge of consciousness. 

My art, called LABart, is a unique form of art that I have created. Actually, I simply noticed it! I noticed that my sculptures are reflection of my spirit. The spirit with which I create them. And in my definition Spirit is simply consciousness, perception, act of feeling, sensuality. 

So the experience of creating a sculpture with consciousness has turned out to be magical and fascinating to such an extent, that sometimes it blows my mind! To the point that, I have an impression, that some sort of sorcery happens. Yes, LABart is not just art. Right now it’s a form of magic! 😉 

So this particular sculpture is called: 

To The Point! 

I created it because I decided to create, to forge a kind of hot iron within me. Yes, I made a clear choice to forge my inner sword of truth. I have a deep desire to discover my true, authentic voice of wisdom… and express it boldly! 

I’m not interested in just talking from the mind. I can’t even listen to that kind of talk! I said “No more!” to wrapping in cotton and milling the tongue without any sort of clarity and poignant eloquence. I want to go for brilliance! Ability to communicate what I mean in small number of words, with simplicity. 

The creation of this sculpture was the confirmation. Materialization of my choice, for my voice to transform from mental complexity to the simple expression of what is in my soul. 

One interesting fact: when I made this choice, I went for a long walk, during which I found this beautiful, magical, long feather. 

The feather I write these words with.