Creating art is a form of an ancient shamanic spiritual practice called Dream Walking.

Experiencing these shamanic journeys in the spheres of dreams changed me beyond recognition! I love expanding consciousness beyond the limitations of linear reality .. to these different, inter-dimensional states of perception… and that’s where my art is born from!

Size: 70 W x 70 H x 10 D cm
Materials: pine wood, chipboard, copper, oil and acrylic paints, electric socket.

According to modern physics, everything that ever existed, still exists. Maybe not in material form, but it still travels through space-time in the form of electromagnetic radiation. 
Everyone who has ever walked the Earth, although today is history, his / her story still traverses the quantum fields around us (and within us!), in the form of waves or particles of light. As we know light can be both wave and/or particle, depending on the situation. Which in itself is very weird. 
Theoretically, it is possible to communicate with such electromagnetic radiation. And it may be even called ghost or spirit of such dead human… or even a living human! I mean, you’re radiating your essence all the time, even now. But this is not the end. The same applies to everything else. Literally! 
The unquestionable scientific fact is that no energy can ever be annihilated, but only changes its form. It transforms from one form into another. For example, everything that our bodies are made of, the planet on which we live, the entire material Universe – everything is made of atoms that have been emitted by dying stars. 
To make it even more interesting, when we look at the night sky, we do not see the current state, but what happened in the past. Due to the limitation of the speed of light (300000 km/s) and the enormous, extremely huge distances in which galaxies, stars and planets are in relation to each other, our eyes and telescopes see their images from millions and billions of years ago. Looking at more and more distant corners of the Universe is like watching a documentary showing the story of our creation. 
In addition, it turns out that we are not the only Universe. Modern discoveries are getting closer and closer to the approval of String Theory, which not only extends our time-space reality from 4D to 11D, but also confirms the existence of an almost infinite number of parallel coexisting universes. Including potential universes, that are literally right next to us! Just a breath away… 
So, now you get the message of my sculpture, that I titled: Art as a form of DreamWalking. 
Here’s why. It’s actually quite funny. Since the dawn of time, indigenous tribes around the world have practiced so-called astral journeys, or the art of exploring other worlds with the help of one’s own consciousness/imagination. And although today most people consider it absurd rubbish, this is where modern science is heading! 
The art of traveling to the other dimensions or dreams was baptized DreamWalking by aborigines and some indigenous tribes of the Americas. Also, within the European Slavs we can come across similar practices, called Gusła. 
And who knows, maybe one day this ability will be generally known and available. Maybe even taught as one of the basic subjects of elementary education? 
Among the tribes around the world, we can come across various forms of shamanism – also known as DreamWalking. It was, and still is, cultivated in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe – wherever there are people, there are also shamans. And I’m one of them. 
My story is simple. Discovering and exploring different spiritual varieties of shamanism has become my passion, since the moment I have experienced spontaneous astral travel for the first time, during the Sunday mass. And I’ve been doing it ever since, for over 15 years so far. Recently, I wrote three books on the matter, sharing some of my discoveries and journeys: Integration of Aspects, LABart – art from future and PsychePath – pathway beyond the mind. 
The experience of the quintessence of shamanic journeys, in the spheres of dreams, and other inter-dimensional layers of reality, has changed me beyond recognition! I fell in love with expanding my consciousness beyond the limitations of linear reality into those alternative, multidimensional states of perception. However, I’ve come to do it a bit differently. I have significantly simplified and grounded this process with the help of… artistic expression! 
(Actually, I’m not that special, because every artist does that! Most of them are just not aware of it! Many people do it in one way or another. I’ve simply discovered that in combination with creative expression, it can be done a lot better! I realized this through many years of experimentation.) 
So here you have another conceptual and symbolic sculpture, which is the fruit (and is about) expanding my consciousness into the multiplicity of the Universes around us. Art is – indeed – a form of traversing dreams and other dimensions of reality!