Second title: Flame of Creativity

Dimensions: 27 x 54 x 15 cm
Material: pine wood, OSB board, oil paints, thick copper wire, electric socket.

Creative Fire is a sculpture that symbolically represents the creative fire contained in every human being. In every cell of the body incessantly occurs magical alchemy, that results in … the energy of life!

With each breath our body conducts an alchemical orchestration, turning crude matter into animated magic of life. How does that happen? What caused it in the first place? Is it possible to infuse this life force energy into other things?

Despite all the science and knowledge, there are millions of mysteries still to be unraveled. We are wondrous beings, and yet we got so used to it, we take for granted. We forget to marvel at the beauty and magic of our own selves.

My sculpture is meant to make you aware of the magic of life within every breathe you take. Be at ease and feel the life force tingling gently in every cell of your being. Become aware that every thought you have is possible, because you exist. Be aware that every moment is full of creative energy – your own energy! Beaming tirelessly from the source that you are!

This energy does not only power your body and mind. It radiates outward to all things around you. Touching everything, every human, every star, every… even potentials of the Universes unborn.

Just think about that! How awesome you are! You are the Creative Fire within.

Sha Dhar