Size: 28 W x 70 H x 25 D cm 

The Flame of Hope sculpture tells us that in our human psyche, among all nooks and crannies, layers and complexity of personality, there’s a special flame burning bright!

Sometimes it seems like there is no hope left. But it’s an illusion! There are always potentials and possibilities to resolve anything! Any problem etc. Hope is ingrained deep in our psyche & consciousness… it’s like a type of fire, always beaming heat & light to help us… just feel into it… go within and ALLOW it to shine! Hope is an amazing energy! Pure magic… feel it in this sculpture and it’s gonna help you connect with the hope you carry in your heart!

Hope is in my opinion a kind of consciousness in which, looking at myself, my life and the world around us, which sometimes seems to be full of darkness and horror – looking at everything through the eyes of hope, I see that there are always potentials and possibilities present! We can do it at any time we choose! 
With the presence of the energy of hope we can turn evil into good; darkness into new light; sadness into joy; feelings of lack of options into enthusiasm and vision of a new life. 
The Flame of Hope is not a literal fire, but pure-energy radiation, which can be perceived by the eye of the imagination as a kind of focus, energetic convergence within – a type of brilliant flame! 
There are many such flames within us (you will find a whole series of sculptures presenting them in my works) and they are very pure, special, archetypal energies. 
These inner flames, are beating in our hearts, representing emanations of the archetypal energies of creation, also known as… the Archangels. 
Hope is one of those special, pure, architectonic/arch energies of Creation. 
Feel it within you! 
Be the radiance of it for yourself and all people in your life, all around you! It will bring enormous blessings to everyone, including YOU! 
Let it shine through. 
Buy my sculpture to make your inner flame of hope even brighter and more real. In greater service to your whole world. It will help you to amplify those awesome energies 😉 
This isn’t just a piece of art. It’s a living, psychic energy, that will serve you in many ways. Just give it a shot!