The Flame of Trust is a symbol of our ability to trust ourselves built into our psyche. Trusting your own wisdom and intuition. That I know what is best for me, what is my Truth. 

Even if others may disagree with me, or maybe someone could even tell me that I am crazy or that something is wrong with me – instead of doubting myself I know what is real and true for me.

Trust is one of the archetypal energies simply present within us that can always be tapped into. You can feel into your self-trust at any time. Feel how it resonates with your whole body and mind – how it makes your consciousness open up and clear from all illusions.

I call it Flame, because it is a kind of concentrated energy inside that constantly emanates from us. It is simply burning, and shining with self-trust, own authenticity, truthfulness – very beautiful energy.

My sculpture radiates this archetypal trust, because that’s what I breathed, infused into it. And I think that anyone who experiences it can also easily connect with their own trust, self-wisdom and authenticity – it is priceless!

The Flame of Trust was created out of a piece of pine wood, that I’ve found deep in the forest, during one of my inter-dimensional DreamWalks. The base is made of beautiful oak wood. The whole is painted with oils, and varnished.

I’ve also added a little musical note to symbolize hearing new potentials & innovative ideas, resulting from being in alignment with the energy of self-trust. And of course the feather – a symbol of delicacy and ease of being yourself.

Dimensions: 63x17x22 cm. 
Materials: pine and oak wood, oil paints, additives.