Magical sculpture. I actually had a mystical experience while painting this piece of pine wood. I’ve seen stuff that are from the future… you could say. Lots of amazing potentials for humanity and this world… and for me too. This artwork is literally loaded with new energy. Amazing! I’m so glad I can create masterpieces like this one!

Size: 29 W x 83 H x 35 D cm
Materials: pinewood, oil paints, blueberry twigs.

While creating this sculpture I felt amazing energies. It started with a small plate, on which I composed symbols of my soul passion: fruit of the rose, screwdriver with tension meter, multi-color crayon called Magic, a pencil, colored balls symbolizing potentials, green berry bushes, resembling the horns of the magic deer from my book PsychePath (, green felt bow, small silver combination wrench number 9, etc. 
I sat down and looked at this small espresso cup plate, feeling the essence of the energy contained within it. Because all these objects are just symbols, type of reference, a hyperlink to something much bigger – to the potential straight from alternative reality! And that’s how I inspired myself to take this piece of wood, that I was actually about to burn and turn into a sculpture. It was just a pine sawmill destined to heat my house, but in this one moment – thanks to this hyperlink of consciousness, that connected me to the alternative reality – I saw in it my new amazing sculpture! 
When I was painting this piece of pine, I felt lost at first. After a moment I got into the flow. I started to channel my Soul Joy. I thought to myself, that I love painting with oil paints! Probably more than anything else. My mind fell into the silence of the night. My body relaxed. The tension disappeared from my muscles. My consciousness opened up beyond just the physical, and I started to feel and channel potency energies from, what could be called, the Future! It is indescribable! 
You see, my art is much more than just creating beautiful objects. It is the process of introducing new energy and potentials to my own life first. And I’m sure it’s not just for me. I do not have the scientific proof for this, but I feel that the radiation of the amazing Light, I felt reached out to other people as well and inspired their consciousness, opening them to the new,fresh, brilliant potentials in their lives. 
So, I hope that you will buy this sculpture, and it will bring new opportunities and a better future for you, and all people in your life. Actually, I’m sure it ill! And so be it!