Dimensions: 50 x 45 x 43 cm
Materials: pine wood, nail, pine cone, oil paints, various gadgets.

Conceptual sculpture that metaphorically illustrates the process of birthing new potentials. Potentials of beauty, creativity … potentials that can be introduced into your reality…

And it’s not about some external goddess, living somewhere in the cosmos or in other dimensions. Goddess is the archetypal energy present within every soul being.

Everyone, regardless of physical sex, is made up of masculinity and femininity. It can be said that this is synonymous with the idea of the father-god and mother-goddess energies inside. These are the two basic energies that create everything

The specificity of the goddess’s energy is openness… a state of open consciousness. One that is simultaneously aware of many versions of reality. It’s a state of somewhat blurred awareness – a multitude of perceptions at once. It’s our imagination!
In contrast, male energy is a state of focused consciousness, that allows you to focus on a single reality, making it become a dominant and real – rational perception.

Currently, the Earth is dominated by male energy, i.e. the energy of god, which is also reflected in all religions and even spiritual philosophies. Even in the way society is constructed (so-called patriarchy).

For thousands of years, female energy has been pushed into the background. A little ignored, a little (and maybe a lot) abused… only recently it’s started to change.  Which is amazing, because she is priceless! It is thanks to her that creativity exists. It is thanks to her that you can “get out of the box” and open your consciousness, to notice the existence of new possibilities & potentials, that are present right along this seemingly “the only real reality”.

The Goddess of Creation reminds us that reality is something fluid and can be changed at any time. Because the potential of reality on which we are currently focused through our minds (male consciousness) is only one among many.

So, just as well, as we’ve created our present mass reality, and each person created their own place in it – there are still all other possibilities to create something else. The only problem is that we are too focused in our minds to realize those new potentials! Human consciousness has become too mental, too masculine.

But it is changeable! There are possibilities available!

All it takes is… opening our consciousness again. Embracing the goddess within! As if temporarily de-focusing, aka allowing your awareness to blur beyond strict mental definitions of reality. That’s what the Goddess archetype is all about. It’s about imagination, simply put. Imagination that allows you to feel into other potentials of reality! And then choose one that you feel you’d like to experience next. Choosing is an act of narrowing down or focusing back your consciousness into its normal/mental state of perception.
It’s a beautiful, natural mechanism of creating reality – available to every human being, every Soul. It is a harmonious union of male and female energies within.

Summing it up: we all have two primal energies within us, that are the result of two different states of consciousness. One is closed, limited, mental – focused on a single potential of reality (masculinity-god). And the other one is open, frivolous, imaginative, nonlinear – dancing within the fields of future potentials of reality (femininity-goddess).

One more funny thing. It also corresponds with the basic principle of modern physics, called, the wave-particle energy duality. It’s almost irresistible to see the analogy, and say that it is not energy that is dual! It’s consciousness! It’s all about human consciousness! The way we perceive reality… funny, isn’t it !? Double funny, because it’s the biggest riddle of modern science. Physicists still wonder how it works… and now YOU know how it works!

The Goddess of Creation sculpture contains a few more symbolism of the subject matter, but it’d take too long to write it all down. If you’d really like to know more, be bold and give me a call! 😉


Dimensions: 50 x 45 x 43 cm; oils on pine wood + extra gadgets.