Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 24 cm
Materials: sub-woofer, pine wood, oil paints, some other gadgets.

This sculpture is symbolizing the creative energy exchange between human realm and other inter-dimensional realms.

Let’s be clear: those realms are not somewhere out there. They are very much in here! And yet they are masked by the mental, strictly intellectual consciousness of humanity. Because the mind, the brain sees only one layer of reality. The human mind says, “The physical reality is all there is. Everything else is just fantasy. It’s for children. It’s not to be considered. Imagination is good for children, it’s not real.”

And yet, I and many other spiritual seekers, have discovered, that there can be transference of pure, creative new ideas into this physical space. Those truly creative energies are non-mental by nature, they are non-physical by nature, and yet they are kind of perceivable, feel-able by the consciousness of human, by your consciousness.

Therefore when you open your consciousness and let yourself feel those other realms/dimensions, other potentials, other ideas, and versions of reality – then you can also bring back into expression those that you choose to have in your life!

This is what the figure of Merlin the Magician is truly about.

Once again, I made the sculpture out pieces of wood found in the forest. They’re fully dried and painted with oils, and a little bit of acrylics. As the base of sculpture I used an old sub-woofer, called… Merlin.