In my life I have realized that imagination is actually more important than physical, factual reality. What?! Have I gone completely out of wack??

No! It’s actually very true and – paradoxically – very logical! How come? Because imagination is shaping your perception of reality. Which equals to saying that it is shaping your Reality! Just think about that for a moment…

Imagination is creativity – and creativity equals to inspiration that makes you think and act in your life. Without the inspiration of imagination human mind becomes dreary and bored. Everything you perceive seems flat and lifeless, even to the point that so many people get confused and depressed. They simply have their imagination closed down! 

And then they seek it outside themselves: watching movie after movie; reading book after book;  endlessly and mindlessly scrolling social media for just a little more drama to make them feel just a little bit more alive. Always searching for this tiny glimpse of joy outside of themselves…

And when your imagination is open and you allow yourself to be like a child, playing with reality, seeing the depth and layers of magic everywhere around… you become so grand! Your thinking, choosing and acting becomes full of energy, joy, peaceful excitement and you just smile, because you are complete, fulfilled and content just like that (snap!) – within yourself.

That’s why I love imaginary numbers. Seriously, I was never interested in mathematics until the point, when I have discovered the existence of imaginary numbers! And I also love the fact that they are symbolised by the letter “i”. You know why? Because “i” means me! I am real and physical, and “i” am imaginary and spiritual & multidimensional & I am cosmic eternal consciousness! I am and adult, and “i” am a child. Which equals to saying that, I am &-MAGINARY!

The funny thing about imaginary numbers is that they don’t exist, and yet they have to exist! You know, in order for the real, scientific mathematics and quantum physics to make sense, they need imaginary numbers! Actually, the most famous quantum physics equation called Schrodinger’s PSI equation works, because its very first ingredient is… “i” – the imaginary reality.

Imaginary numbers, along being actually very real, are a great symbol. They are the basis of newest technological breakthrough called quantum computing. They are what creates virtual realities… imaginary realities. And with The Awakening of human consciousness throughout the world, it all gains yet another level of depth: realizing and opening up to the world’s within our world; to the unreal within the real; to the fairy within the forest & angelic within the cosmic…

Just like in in the newest String Theory that connects quantum with physical reality by expanding it into 11 more dimensions! And it’s just a beginning.

I also love the fact that in Polish language “i” means “and”… imaginary & really.

I = “i” = &

I am that “i” am.

PS: Another cool layer is letting go of Identity. I am = “i” am… “i” is openness to all the other potentials and versions of me. I am no longer so very defined and litteral – I have freedom coming from my imagination… freedom the shapeshift myself… “i” is the real I.