Second title: Don’t be fooled by aspects!

Materials used: oak, hornbeam and pine wood, painted with oil paints, impregnated with wood varnish; electronic elements from an old CRT monitor; LEGO parts; Magic & Light 😉

The sculpture is part of the PSI+art series.

Integration of Robots sculpture is mainly about the integration of aspects (parts of psyche). The aspects that our psyche creates are a bit like robots – they are programmed to perform certain actions. 

It is also a fascinating analogy of how artificial intelligence & technology reflects and mimics human consciousness. Currently, robotics and artificial intelligence are advanced enough to make these analogies easily discernible.

However, my sculpture goes a bit into the future – because it addresses the kind of aspects of the human psyche (and therefore also likely to arise in AI robots) that are detrimental to our lives as humans on planet Earth.

I am referring specifically to aspects that rebel against Life. So, instead of serving humanity, they cause problems. Often even leading to physical, mental and sexual illness … and even death.

The sculpture shows these robots symbolically as electro-CRT-bugs surrounding the orange-brown LAMBDA of human creative, sensual, life-force – sexual energy. In the sculpture’s symbolism, Lambda is the Master Self. Lambda is YOU grounding your spiritual light and shining it out! Bringing in new potentials.

It’s the light of the Soul that – with its luminous passion and tender yet strong compassion – can transform (integrate) these robotic aspects back to the purity of Self.

There is a fascinating story connected with the figure of the sculpture, which is part of the fantastic book Quan Surr – From the SurrealMystic Diary (available only in Polish).

The story of meeting the Robot

I have met various beings many times over the years. Most of them turned out to be my own aspects of other potential realities. Including those related to the future of human evolution.

And this time it was also a very interesting meeting …

I was sitting under an old oak in forest lye. In a place far from people and civilization. I was sure that no one would come there, because to get there I had to walk through the frozen peat bogs myself. And as I walked, the ice crunched under my feet and at times it felt like I was about to collapse. After that, it was also necessary to cross a forest river, stepping on an old birch trunk. The perfect place to really be alone with yourself. My dog, Totoro, was with me, but he was so busy running around the woods that I had a moment of total peace.

Even though it was pretty cold, I was sitting on a warm woolen shawl on a small hill covered with dried branches, leaves and moss. Leaning against the trunk of an ancient oak tree, I closed my eyes, put my hand on my stomach, and breathed deeply – just enjoying the moment.

In the beginning, all kinds of feelings and thoughts were flowing through my psyche. But after breathing consciously for a while, my thoughts started to flow smoothly like a river and the energy in my body and around me began to vibrate pleasantly.

I could just be here like this for ages, I thought to myself. The gentle rustle of trees made me feel like I was in a cradle, and beautiful Nature was humming me a lullaby to soothe my whole existence. In this state of relaxation and letting go, I finally opened myself to feeling different realities. I let my imaginations gallop across the worlds of etheric dimensions like a wild Pegasus.

Suddenly I felt a cry inside me. A part of me is crying so much and calling for help! What is this? – I asked. Intuitively, I started to gently tone, hum a pleasant sound of mmmmmmm. Along with the vibration of my voice, some door opened in me and I totally let go of the whole definition of reality. I was no longer a man sitting under a tree in the forest. The forest was no longer a forest, but simply my energy vibrating rhythmically with the depth of my voice singing my inner feelings.

An amazing moment!

And then I saw a robotic creature standing next to me. The robot was shaped like a human body, but made of metal, plastics, and electronic components. It looked very modern and neat. I looked into the robot’s large reflective blue eyes that looked like headlights. Their blue iris seemed very humanlike. I looked deep into those eyes and saw a great deal of sadness in them.

Who are you, dear creature, I asked the robot. And why do you have so much sorrow in you?

I felt a sudden chill enveloping me, and at the same time a kind of pleasure. I felt as if I was to be the robot. Could it be my future self that came to me? 

Yes! This is me as a robot – I realized. And then the robot grabbed my hand and took me on a journey. He started showing me what will happen to humanity and the Earth in the next 50 years. I mean, I don’t know if it was exactly 50, but somehow I felt like it was something like that.

It was very strange because at the same time I saw this future as a reflection – a reflection of something that had already happened in the past. I saw the path of human evolution. These were visions and feelings that my imagination showed me. Yet they seemed unbelievably real.

What would it be like to be a robot… I thought suddenly. Maybe it is actually a step in the right direction? Maybe I just have to surrender  to this type of existence? If this evolutionary path is something that is constantly repeated in the history of the Universe, maybe this is what it is supposed to be like? Maybe it’s our destiny?

The robot showed me the development of alien civilizations. Saw Pleiadians, Reptilians, Zeta Reticula, Lyra, Vega and many more. I saw how they, too, went through a similar evolutionary path in which at some point technology exploded, and the mind took control. And it made them very lost. They lost their heart, sensuality and warmth.

So I will become a robot? – I asked. Is humanity choosing this type of path?

I looked into the eyes of my robotic visitor from an alternative reality, sitting next to me, and saw a deepening regret in them. I realized that he is me from the potential of the future, in which I didn’t wake up and just went along with the flow of human mass consciousness evolution. With this river that humanity flows with, without making real, conscious choices. If I hadn’t woken up, I would have simply become a robotic puppet with cool blue eyes and shiny white armor. Were it not for the fact that my heart is teeming with the desire to be truly alive … I would certainly forget in the end.

My robot friend was silent. But I realized that he came to me because he needs help. Just like me in this lifetime, he also awoke from the dream of mass hypnosis. He came to me because I radiate the light of the open door leading to the soul. It was his cry that I felt. His cry from the future, where he was frozen as a part of me, and now wants to thaw in the warmth of my awakened heart.

Why is being a robot so bad? I asked him after a moment of breathing.

He didn’t reply with words or any sound, but visions began to show in my imagination.I saw humanity evolve and technology rapidly develop. I saw people starting to connect their biology and brains with electronic elements. I saw human factories being built. Instead of being born from the womb of a woman, humans were designed and manufactured in laboratories. The human body began to change, becoming more and more technological. Eventually, organic tissues were completely replaced with plastics.

The very feeling of it all was fascinating. Sterile and orderly. There was something almost seductive about it. A bit like a perfectly cleaned house. No hint of dust. Everything neat and organized.

This state of sterility is satisfying to the mind because it feels safe and in control. When everything is so arranged and in boxed, the mind feels everything is as it should be. But I’m not just mind! I am a sensual Soul, so – despite the seduction – I also felt a certain coldness that made me want to get out of it.

Ah, that’s where your sadness comes from, dear robot! – I realized… Although you are eternal in your digitalized existence, and you can explore the entire universe, there is no love in your heart. Your soul has become disconnected, removed from your experience. Now I understand why you are crying.

You have lost connection with your own soul. This is why you come to me, because I am in touch with Soul’s warmth and freedom. I am a man embodied in biology, but a man who is unique. Because I had woken up and went deep inside. I found the door to the truth within. My heart is alive and vibrant, and my eyes are shining with a warm glow of love. I understand, dear robot…

Welcome home!

The robot showed me its loveless world. A world deprived of freedom. He showed me a world where nature does not grow wild and luxuriant, but is like a grimly lined up, concrete garden – without imagination. He showed me how it is just a set of pre-programmed patterns and routines – with no chance of feeling spontaneous, impulsive, creative. And what he misses the most is love and sharing it with others. There is no water in the desert – there is no love in the robot world. No sensuality, no true joy. There are no kisses and no stroking of bellies.

Sad is this world of yours, dear robot. I’m glad you found your way to me. Welcome home!

I focused on my deep belly breathing once again and opened up so that my light could embrace this lost being. I plunged into his hellish nightmare and started crying and crying with my robot self. 

After a while, loud scream came out from deep within my core. Primitive, royal roar of a lion proclaiming dominion over my whole world. Proud and calm as a mountain. And at the same time soft, warm and open, like the morning sun rising to a meadow full of flowers and butterflies.

Robot and I merged together. His coolness burned inside me. His sorrow poured out through my compassionate eyes. His disability to feel roared out with a scream from my larynx. White metallic armor of his body turned into my velvet, sensitive, pleasant skin. The electric wires turned into veins throbbing with heartful blood. And the sad blue spotlights of his eyes transformed into the aromatic, chocolate-amber glow of my irises. The robot took the hand of an angel that lives within and went back to the light.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Oh… yes… I’m in the forest, I’m sitting under an old wise oak. And it’s winter… oh… my body feels a little cold now. I poured myself a cup of hot chamomile tea from a thermos, then slowly got up. I stretched my bones and, sipping hot herbs, went further into the woods, enjoying my sensual life.