K-Ray is Radiance of Compassion

Compassion is full acceptance. There is no regret or pity in it. It is pure – free from all emotions, yet deeply affectionate, full of mercy.

Are you ready to listen deep and beyond just the superficial layers of reality? Then listen to this: I had a walk in the forest. I’ve been allowing my consciousness to open. At a given moment a I saw a small evergreen. I couldn’t resist standing there and watching it. Feeling its life force energy… so calm and radiant. 
It spoke to me on some telepathic level, I cannot explain. I had an impression it told me things. Lots of things. One of them was the fact that, I need to be more compassionate with myself. I have to accept me and my life fully, and just as it is. Because everything is as it should be. It is only the mind judging things. And those judgement are not even accurate. They only cause me pain and low self-worth. 
I felt it very deeply. I could sense this compassionate energy enveloping me. A few meters away, as I continued my walk, I found a few pieces of wood. I felt I have to make them into a sculpture, that will contain all the energy communicated to me by the Spirit of the Forest. 
This is the sculpture. It took me almost a year to finish it. Then I brought it back to the forest, to share it with the Spirit of the Forest and make the photos. 
This time I didn’t hear the Spirit say anything, but I felt content and at ease. I felt I love myself much more than a year ago. My compassion expanded greatly, and this sculpture was my assistance in doing so. 
I hope it will serve you just as much as me. 

Size: 55 W x 75 H x 25 D cm