Second title: Q!

Yeah, “Ku!”, like in Kung-Fu Panda! Ku is charisma… passion… free expression… no control of yourself or anything… you don’t need to! It’s about being bold & daring… expressing your feelings & creativity without holding back! Ku! is potentials of new creations, that are available to you at any moment… just feel them, choose one, trust yourself and go with the flow! Just intuit it! Yo!

Creating this sculpture I experienced a state of grace. Everything ceased to matter. It was not even important whether I would finish this sculpture at all. It does not matter if it will make an impression or even if it will be pretty or not. For me, experience is what matters most. Creation. Artistry. Being a New Energy Artist …

The artist paints these pieces of wood exactly to paint them. It gives him incredible pleasure, which may seem even absurd, because how can painting be such a great pleasure? And yet it is!

In addition, painting makes… any creation at all, artistic expression makes. that the human mind enters into a different mode of functioning.

Instead of thinking in a standard way, having this well-known state of mental blending … you know, these various fragments of memories, worries, predictions of the future, thinking about random people and life events, or even intense deliberations, searching for answers, trying to find some solutions to this, or another problem, etc. The mind is constantly jumping back and forth, like the proverbial Buddhist monkey.

Instead of all that chaos, the mind becomes quiet or at least much quieter, when you’re creating. It is a moment of break from this constant noise and havoc that takes place in one’s head. Through art you can experience true peace of mind. The calm that finally expands your consciousness and you start to feel, sometimes even see!, a larger spectrum of reality. You become more present, more sensual, more humane!

Q! is a natural element of the psyche of every human being. It’s creativity that connects with something beyond… with Soul. This is the message, symbolically, conceptually, energetically – maybe even magically – enchanted in my sculpture.

Q! pierces through the hustle and bustle of the mind and human dramas. A bit like a crystalline source emanating from the depths of the Earth. From the depths of the human self. And although it is harmonious and nutritious, it sometimes bursts with passion. Like an untamed volcano glittering with gold, lush lava.

The Soul is full & complete. It is dynamic and expressive, but at the same time it is soft, calm and full of harmony. True art is to combine these two seemingly contradictory natures into the unity of joyful life. Q!

Dimensions: 44 x 33 x 22 cm
Materia: pine wood, oil paints, metal drill, pencil, copper wires., etc.