IDEA: The lamp symbolically represents the process of transformation of human consciousness when a person begins to connect with their Soul and bring its Light into their life. This is somewhat analogous to the transformation a caterpillar undergoes in a cocoon to finally emerge as a magical colored butterfly.

The lamp looks impressive both during the day and at night. It will certainly become a perfect, foreground decoration of a bedroom, living room or hall. Its large size and original, but tastefully selected colors will surely attract guests’ attention from the first sight.

Size: 44 W x 77 H x 33 D cm Materials: base of dried pine wood; alder bark varnished with silver car paint; large metal nail; chandelier insert with a large LED bulb; "Horns" made of a pine branch.

I am what I’ve been looking for for so long. Firstly, I was looking for God, then I discovered that there are a lot of gods, because people from different cultures created their own versions of gods. So, I started looking for something more universal. Some Universal Spirit, Christ, Buddha, Nirvana, enlightenment, ascension … 
All the time, subconsciously, in some strange way I preferred that this “something” be outside of me, instead of inside. I felt unworthy. Imperfect. As if being a human meant that there was something wrong with me. I believed that I cannot be what I am looking for, since I am so … me. So human. So imperfect. 
In my great passion, after countless turbulence and transitions and internal understandings, I finally came to the conclusion that … I have always been, what I was looking for. And I still am. Will always be! 
I discovered that my own self is something mystical, complex, multidimensional, and at the same time – a sweet paradox! – so infinitely consistent and simple! 
Simply “I” that exists in me and in every human being. 
My sculpture illustrates these playful dynamics. I am a human, overgrown with thick bark to protect myself against the outside world of harshness … but inside I am … pure Light. Existence. Soul. Something … mystical, divine, undefined, elusive … and yet it’s still me! 
The bark slowly opens. Through the holes drilled with the sparks of divine passion, I already see the illusion of trying to protect myself. I slowly release those protective layers of the human ego, and aspects of the psyche. Little by little, with a small spoon, one step at a time, I let my inner Light be more and more. 
I feel more and more confident. More and more fearless, outrages! And I have deep trust in this natural process of opening up my true consciousness, emerging the lotus flower of my Soul. 
From the closed tube, from this safe box of physical illusion, my psychic, deer horns are growing out. And thanks to them I can see, I feel that it is ok. I can open – fully. I can feel the reality not only through the prism of several limited human senses, but now … with my whole awesome being. Fully. 100% spectrum. And maybe even more… who knows. The universe has no limits. There are many Universes. And I am every one of them! 
My heart breaks, drops the barriers, peels the layers, revealing all its enchanted charm! 
I allow it. 
Let there be Light!