Hope is the mother of fools? Of course not! Hope is a beautiful energy that makes the human mind and body tune to Life, to inspiration and creativity. This sculpture-lamp radiates the energy of hope, giving it to everyone – abundantly and selflessly!

Size: 40 W x 60 H x 30 D cm 

This conceptual sculpture brings the message concerning a very vital energy, indispensable for every human to live – hope. 
Hope is like air; it is like a breath of nourishing spirit for human consciousness. Consciousness breathes with hope. Because, in fact, hope is the realization of perspectives and opportunities that can become a new reality. 
There is an archetypal element present in the higher psyche of every human being. It was called many names by different cultures over the centuries. I call this part of the human psyche The Dreamer or Merlin. 
This part of our psyche carries ability to imagine a beautiful future. 
We all know, that sometimes life can put you down. It can be ruthless, difficult, rough, robbing of all hope. Sometimes it seems that you have nothing in front of you; that everything has failed and you do not want to live anymore. This condition was called discouragement, depression, weariness – and yet it’s just an illusion! It’s simply a prelude to something new. This emptiness is there for a reason. It is there because one has to immerse themselves in it, in order to be able to feel and hear new potentials. It’s a period of silence and deep rest. If you allow and surrender to it by opening your awareness in a new, deeper way – you will discover something amazing… 
There are whole decks, layers, entire fields of potentials. Potentials that can make a difference to human life, to the world around us. These potentials are not far away. You do not even have to make a single move to realize them. Just open your imagination! Let this part of your human psyche rekindle within you. Let the Dreamer be free! Let this child-like, open, creative part of you be present and free. 
It is actually a natural mechanism. It is an inseparable element of every human self. Magic Dreamer. The Merlin, who can explore what is not yet know; who is able to hear, feel and allow a new breath of inspiring spirit in the midst of apparent emptiness! A deep breath of new life. It is a great art, lying dormant within us. 
Its various forms can be found in all indigenous cultures of the Earth. North American Indians knew this art of soaring in through the realms of consciousness. They called it Vision Quest. Australian Aborigines, also cultivated it, calling very similarly: DreamWalking, literally, walking through dreams or realms. Similar rituals can also be found within European Slavs, ancient Greeks, South American Aztecs, Inca, Maya, Toltec, etc. 
The point is not to look back, and try to replicate these ancient mystical schools, but to realize that our psyche also has this ability today. Ultimately, everything comes down to opening your consciousness to those different layers of perception, which are nothing else, but expressions of human imagination. Imagination that goes far beyond the intellectual process and its limitations. 
Yes, our imagination is part of our consciousness. One, that goes beyond the perception of strictly physical reality. 
Imagination expands our senses and opens our mind to new possibilities!

Imagination is not just fantasy – it is the expansion of consciousness. 

Today, unfortunately, we live in a society that, although it achieved a lot on the physical plane, it has also become very flat & limited on the spiritual or psychological plane. We, as the western society, forgot about the spirit within. This natural ability to explore fields of the new potency, from which we can draw inspiration and hope, has rusted a bit. But it’s not that big of a deal! Because we can oil it and re-introduce into our lives. 
My sculpture is a sublime lamp of green light, because this is how I perceived the radiance of the energy called hope. Thanks to this light, human consciousness enters into an expanded mode. You begin to sense new feelings that you didn’t even realize before. Depression subsides. Joy and willingness to live & create arise. 
Do not let the doubts pull you down. Turn on the green light & may hope be with you! This is what my sculpture conveys.