Size: 25 W x 60 H x 24 D cm 

Here is a sculpture that symbolizes my entire laboratory. It is imperfect. It may not even be beautiful – in the standard sense of beauty. Because that’s what I a as well. 
I’m also showing you the previous shape of this sculpture, the fish, to depict entire transformation that has taken place in my consciousness. The sculpture served me as a kind of alchemical prop. This several-month experience has opened my eyes and soul to certain dual dynamics of energy. As the result of it, transformation of the fish into a beacon of new consciousness has occurred within me! 
The fish was the pursuit, running after some achievements, flowing forward, constant desire for change in life. You’ll probably say it’s not bad, it’s normal, but that’s exactly why I’m not a fish anymore! 
I discovered that going forward, trying to affect change, to always achieve something – it makes me to just go around in circles. It’s just like with a limited fish, in its school, swimming around, circling from one feeding place to another. And in the end, always returning to the starting point! It seems that something is happening, that you are doing something, that you are going somewhere – but if you look at it more clearly, you will see that you are just running around! 
You are using the dynamics of dual energy through your willpower. You are pushing things in the direction you think is what you want, and maybe you even achieve some degree of success. But how much does it cost you? How much are you losing? How much pain and lies do you have to endure, to satisfy your little ego wishes? 
The fish turned into a lantern because I finally gave up. I surrendered. I accepted that I don’t know what I want. I do not know that in my mind, but I know it in my heart! 
When I connect with the depth of my heart, I discover that I do not have to go anywhere, chase anything, try to force anything or use any type of power whatsoever. All I need to do is turn on my Light, open my consciousness and express my joy. Then everything comes to me, serving me better than I could ever think in my head or try to enforce with my will. 
Being a lantern of consciousness is surrendering. Abandoning the struggle, reasons, causes and goals. It is a simple feeling of life. Stop. Instead of projecting energies into the future, trying to ensure your well-being at all costs, you focus on the present moment. Simply being. 
Beingness, presence opens your perception to receive more stimuli and information that surround you. And also those that are inside of you. Thanks to this, you can see and realize the existence of higher, new potentials that go far beyond all your intellectual desires and expectations. 
In other words, you realize that there are better opportunities than what you thought in your head. And you think to yourself, “holy cow! That’s a great idea, how could I not see that before !?” 
No more running around in a mad pursuit of another feeding source. You leave this massive fish illusion based on force, power and abuse. You stop and discover that there is a much better way to live … a life in the grace of consciousness, with the grace of your holy spirit. 
That’s how it works. Lighthouse of the New Consciousness. The LABart Laboratory. 

Measures: 25 x 60 x 24 cm
Materials: pine wood, pine root, electric socket, woodpecker carved fir cone, LED bulb, new energy potentials.