Magic Swan of Consciousness, a sculpture about time traveling in your imagination.

Size: 60 W x 35 H x 20 D cm 

Reality is not at all single and linear. The world is not just one – there are many of them. And every human being has an innate ability to travel around them with their consciousness. That’s the core message of this sculpture. 
Swan is a type of totemic energy. It’s a guardian of the purest dimensions of consciousness. It is the energy that appears in service for those who choose to expand their consciousness beyond the limits of the mind, into the creative, crystal-clear dimensions of the new potency. 
Consciousness is not just sensual presence in the now moment; It is something very flexible and constantly expanding, exploring new dimensions of perception, subsequent layers and perspectives of the surrounding reality. 
It also always returns to its original state, but now enriched with a deeper understanding of itself. Through the traveling, or expansion, it gathers wisdom about the essence of itself and the meaning of life. 
Consciousness is vivid and dynamic. It seeks to expand beyond itself and then come back into itself in yet a new way. Life is all about that! 
Also, gold is a specific color. It symbolizes the melding of light and dark. Imagine a black swan (Yin) and a white swan (Yang). And now imagine them coming at each other in such a way, that they meld into one. This is how the golden swan births. Beyond duality…