I felt horrible that day. I felt into my body and decided to have a nice long bath. Made myself a big cup of freshly gathered salvia, grabbed a bottle of my favorite mineral water, a few delicious Polish strawberries and plunged into the hot waters of my Aliyah Space. Oh, my goodness! It felt wonderful! Soothing. Self-love. Amazing! 

I was basically breathing and stroking my belly in a gentle rhythm. Listening to my heartbeat. Just allowing all energies to rebalance and rejuvenate. Allowing my consciousness to open up and expand within. Witnessing all the thoughts, emotions and all kinds of physiological phenomena, as my body, mind and spirit were dancing together in grace. 

At some point I’ve really let go. No more thoughts even. Just existence and feeling. Allowing. Pure. Easy. Simple. Every breath felt like a long, nourishing pause from everything around. And then, suddenly, I started to perceive a flow of crystalline energy. Coming from nowhere and flowing nowhere. Just flowing. Just being. I knew it’s me. It’s simply my True Self. 

As I kept feeling into it, it turned into a horse. Yes. A brilliant, diamond horse flowing through me. A bit like a seahorse, just more like a regular horse. Very interesting! I felt so safe.  So easy. It was wonderful. And we talked. Yes. We talked. I mean, I basically listened, and the crystalline horse sang its gentle, pure, innocent, yet invigorating song. A melody of… Me! hahaha 

I think now, that it was my inner unicorn. My divinity. My future self… YES! My future self, coming to meet me, Lukas. 

It sang to me about our beauty. About trust in the process that I am going through. About the fact that I am amazing, and beautiful, and held, and cherished beyond anything. About my sovereignty. Yes! It’s done. I am that I am. I cried a bit. Just a few tears. And laughed! 

The Horus… I mean the horse told me many things. One of them is that it is time for me to be Lukas Salek again. I created a persona for myself a few years ago. I named it Dr Sha Dhar. My different facet. An interdimensional identity, totally disconnected from my human self and its past stories. It served me well. It served its purpose. And its time is over now. 

So, yeah, I am Lukas Salek from Poland. A person who believed in fantasy so much that he became fantasy, while still in human life. 

My inner Horus also said that he is coming to me so clearly now, because it is indeed the time. The Time. And also, it’s easy for him/her thanks to my art. Yes! My art. My days filled with expression, are really days filled with my divine essence expressing itself, flowing into this material, harsh reality, and staying… in my art. And in my heart. Yes! 

“Continue. Do what you do. All is well. I am here.” – my crystal dragon/horse/unicorn said to me. 

So, the paintbrush is a symbol of new energy art. New Energy freedom coming into my human reality. Big time! Wow! And what a coincidence that it is a part of a sculpture that I titled the 4th Element… well, more details soon. Be patient! hahaha 

For now, I created this a bit humoristic expression on the roof of my house. Launching my own spaCEX Dragon energy. Yes, I indeed am referring to the SpaceX Dragon launch that happened last Saturday. It is so enormously symbolic. I cried. I am so glad! Humanity is going beyond. We live in the best of times. Truly! 

So, I’ve launched my own SpaCEX (Creative Energy eXchange) Dragon magic rocket, and… who knows what’s gonna come out of that… hahahaha Certainly some cool new energy potentials! Haha! 

So, thank you for being part of my life, dear reader! I really feel your energy and I am glad we met. Until then, have a good realization! Haha! 

PS: Oh, btw the little video is part of a type of somewhat tongue-in-a-cheek ceremony that I had with my future self aka The Dragon/Horse/Unicorn/Horus… and the spell that I’m using there is from Old Egypt and basically means “The Beautiful Master of the Joy of Heart. Horus in his den. The beloved One, Giver of Life.