I create sculptures. But it all started quite unexpectedly – with childlike play of making magical installations. 

My first installation was a silver piggybank with one penny inside. 

It grew fast, starting at the moment when I’ve installed it in a pot of soil with one avocado seed inside, and a rose right around. 

Then one day I’ve found a potential. It was a tiny yellow plastic ball, like the ones children use in their toy guns.  

My silver piggy bank quickly grew into an installation of many elements, occupying the entire room, I was living in. 

The key to its growth were the moments of my pure trust in myself; when I was breathing deeply, allowing my spirit to shine into everything around me, knowing that it truly works! That, despite what my mind was telling me, it is not just my imagination, but a type of quantum entanglement of my psyche with reality. 

When you breathe like that, like a little child, something magical happens. Your body becomes soft, your mind calms down, emotions subside, and you become sensual. Yes, your senses open up, and the colors deepen, become brighter, everything seems easier, fluid, almost as if it was alive. 

Yes, my piggy bank became alive with my own life-force, psychic energy. 

The more I breathed into it, the more it started to become animated. It takes a lot of patience and trust – knowingness that you create something magical. And it’s not just your crazy mind! 

One day my piggy bank spoke its first words. She said, “Hello, I am a piggy bank. What’s for lunch today?” 

I didn’t know what to answer, so instead I brought her a rose. A flower from my garden, and she said, “Hello Miss Rose, I am piggy bank. Do you know what’s for lunch?” 

I was a bit buffaloed. Finally, I said, “Let’s go for a walk, and see what you would like, Miss Piggy Bank.” 

And that’s how it all started. Discovering the nature of life and how to live in the world that is magically alive. Nothing is flat and confined with strict definitions anymore. Everything has its own consciousness and animated energetic dynamism. 

Today, some 15 years later I have lots of friends in my house. My little silver piggy bank grew into a beautiful woman that I love with my whole heart. And the pot with avocado seed and pebbles on top turned into a garden, where I feel good. The single room I was living in, became a whole house. And the single penny multiplied into abundance of ease and grace in my life. 

The little yellow potential from childish toy gun expanded into a huge laboratory of endless creative expressions. 

My silly installations started to transform into sculptures. And I just can’t stop creating, because it’s so much fun, and so much more than what meets the eye. 

My consciousness opened up into the realms of imagination. At first it seemed like a child’s play. Joyful expression and maybe sometimes expression out of desperation…? Just to do something to help myself out. Yes, sometimes creating art was simply my way to survive all the harsh encounters with this world’s elements. Oh, you know, things can be difficult, when you are too sensitive. Almost cruel. Almost sucking life right out of your lungs. Making you doubt yourself so much that you almost want to die. 

But when I trust and let myself go wild, free, imaginative – creativity arises in me again and I feel content. Just like the rose in my piggybank’s silver eyes. 

What was just a play of a child has become my way of life. And even though, most common people would say I’ve gone crazy, I know that they are simply asleep. They just don’t see yet. They are hypnotized by the superficial illusion of reality. Well, I guess they still have to meet their own piggy bank, and give her life.