Natural Genius means that we’re all ingenious!

Although perhaps the word genius seems to be reserved for outstanding people, in fact each of us is from birth! The only drawback is that we have been instilled with the misconception that this is not the case. We have been taught not to trust ourselves and to seek recognition in authority, instead of being bold in expressing what is playing in our Soul. But it’s nothing! Because…

Being a genius is a natural state of human consciousness and is basically the ability to carefully observe reality carefully. So it is enough to relax and listen, watch carefully the moment in which you are and brilliant ideas come to mind. Obviously, this requires a little patience and a return to a state of deep self-confidence, because often, before our mind can define the final version of the potential / idea we feel… we have to suffer some “failures”.

But they are not really failures! It’s just part of the grounding process, or – if you like – manifesting that potential / idea into appropriate, practical expression. Don’t give up, just keep trying! Be flexible and open to changes in the original idea, because sometimes several arrows go around before hitting the center of the target. That’s why it’s so important to believe in yourself. Success is right there – always! The key is to do your job and not let the gloomy voices of doubt.

The sculpture contains a series of symbols that have come to me as part of the experience of connecting with my own brilliant self. One of them is a transparent deer, which is symbolically my pure inner spiritual energy of crystalline quality. Its antlers are half an oak root, signifying the grounding of this highly potential energy for practical use in everyday life.

Dimensions: 48 x 84 x 23 cm
Materials: pine wood, oil and acrylic paints, oak root.