The Womb of Nature is a conceptual sculpture representing the essence of beauty. 

Nature is like a woman. When we look at her outer appearance, it can look nice or ugly. But when we go deeper and feel her fullness, it always turns out, she conceals amazing beauty. 

My sculpture presents it symbolically. When we look at it from one side, it looks like an ordinary, old piece of pine tree trunk. However, when we change our perception and look from the other side – we will see what is hidden in the depths of the trunk; we will see the dancing crystalline energies of life. 

Today’s standards of beauty are based on limited consciousness, which in 80% focuses on what the eyes see. The future, on the other hand, is a multi-sensory awareness, which not only covers the visible, audible and perceptible with the help of human senses, but also expands to other vast dimensions of perception. 

Beauty goes beyond the outer appearance. It is a fullness that is hidden in what you can not see at first glance. True beauty is not only visual, it covers the whole of sensual perception. 

Although we are used to operating a predominantly visual spectrum of sensations, we also hold a key within. 

The key that opens our consciousness to the invisible – to the fullness of the whole human heart. In this sculpture, the key looks rather ordinarily, simply, a bit clumsy – because that’s what human consciousness is like. Only when we allow ourselves to open up, and really feel into the reality that surrounds us, we can see its true nature – a vivid pulsating with beauty masterpiece. 

Imagination is not just fantasizing, but a key that opens human consciousness to new sensations – to the invisible beauty of life. 

Dimensions: 24 x 47 x 25 cm
Materia: pine wood, oil paints, potentials, energy from the depths of the forest, PSI metal key; crystal ball of transparency; the Atlantic head-band.