Albert Einstein was wrong?!

Ok, he was partly right, but – big BUT – he was spooked by the fact that energy can do weird things! He said it’s a “spooky action at a distance”. Meaning a principle called Quantum Entanglement where two bits of energy can communicate faster than light.

It’s proven. And it blows up our contemporary science! Well, no wonder he thought it’s spooky! Scientists are still trying to explain it, and I might have figured it out!

My sculpture pictures this realization! Actually creating it was my way to ground those new physics potentials in our human reality…

I mean it’s even logical! There has to be type of Light that travels faster than normal light. And that’s why I distinguished c * c into c * I – aka there is normal light that travels 300K km/s © & there also has to exist ultra-Light (I) that travels even faster. I’ve called this ultra-fast light I-Light. 

And so it’s no longer E=mc2… the new energy equation is…

E = I m c

“I” because it means that energy is in direct correlation with the effects of… your personal consciousness.

Quantum Entanglement carries awesome implications – embracing it brings a whole new perception of reality… where there are no limits… and everything depends on… YOU! Your own perception of reality/energy.

This is also why the expansion of Universe is currently speeding up, even though, according to physics, it should be slowing down.“I” as ultra-Light is also very symbolic, because it literally is about bringing back Self to the driving wheel of reality….

Here’s the transcript of a spontaneous recording I once did about the subject: 

I have to record this… 

I have been painting my new… well… sculpture, that is also a type of dream-catcher… actually I called it new energy catcher. And… It is not just about creating beautiful art. Well, it is about that. And also, it is about channeling down new energy potentia. 

You see, human mind, human consciousness is very linear and defined. Limited by its definitions, its vocabulary – and those new potentia energies are not defined. They are in a state of freedom. 

There are no words or vocabulary for them, therefore they have to be quantified first, you know, roughly expressed in the realm of defined reality, called physical reality, human reality. 

When I’m painting, when I’m creating my sculptures, my creations – I’m bringing down those undefined energies into a type of abstract definition first: color, shape, FEELING first. 

Artistic expression becomes a bridge between this world of form, and other worlds of formless potentials. Formless pioneering, innovative, ideas… consciousnesses. 

Every time after, and during also, but mostly after my session of channeling through art – channeling energies through art, I get those AHAs. Those deep insights into the Nature of reality. And especially connected into the quantum physics understanding of reality. 


It is very peculiar, because I’m not really formally educated as a physicist, and yet… along the lines… along the many artistic expressions, that I have created so far, I have kind of educated myself to really intuitively understand quantum physics. And to channel down, or GROUND, those new consciousnesses of understanding of how all of it works. 

So, right now I’ve had a great lightning bolt, you know, an EUREKA! type of thing. I kind of feel it – like a flash. I can feel that reality is quantum. It just seems normal, or Newtonian, as physicists would say. 

Classic physics are just a mirror effect of “mass consciousness”, because the reality is that consciousness – the way it perceives energy – creates behavior for the energy. That’s how it works! What you “see” is what you get. 

So, we as humans, as humanity we have some common agreements about the perception of energy, and these agreements are basically classic physics – Newtonian physics. And now as the consciousness of humanity is really rapidly changing… the physics is also changing! 

In the last century, or so, quantum physics was brought into awareness. The fact that in reality things are not that linear, as we thought – as humanity perceived so far! It took about a century for quantum physics to be embraced and accepted – to evolve into maturity, and now… 

And right now, it is a delicate moment of revolution taking place. Still hidden, you know. Still people don’t realize that, but it’s so close! It’s just a breath away… I can feel it! It’s a true lightning bolt. 

This breakthrough is understanding that there can be no reality without consciousness. 

Or, as physicists would say, there is no (defined) energy without an act observation. 

There are no particles, there are no electrons, bosons and other stuff. It is really all just perception. Just perception. A model of perception. 

And actually, this contemporary model of physics is really not complete. There are many paradoxes and misunderstandings there. Everything is not truly in sync with… everything else, you know! So many unknowns. It is so unknown that is called dark energy. We know it’s there, but no scientist has any true clue about what it is. It’s in the dark. For now… 

Of course, there are some things that are understood, and technology is built upon them, but there are way more things that are misunderstood, and… they are the POTENTIAL, you know… 

Because the understanding of those things can really revolutionize the world. It can open eyes for humanity! Indeed, it is happening. There are many pioneers of this new physics consciousness, and I consider myself one of them Image 

So… I have come up with new energy equation. 

You probably know the Albert Einstein’s very famous energy equation: E=mc2, where: 

E is energy 

m is mass 

and c is the speed of light (300,000 km per sec) 

And actually, c is just the factor of mass consciousness – the way that light is perceived right now. In a very limited way, actually. 


Light is not really some electromagnetic radiation, created by the quantum fields in the void, that our senses perceive as “reality”… oh, that’s a part of light, that’s just a sliver, a small part of the perception of light, but there’s so much more! 

So, in Einstein’s equation… well, it really works – it is a brilliant equation, and yet it is not fully defined yet! That’s way there’s that great puzzle in contemporary physics, that no one knows how to solve. How to connect Newtonian normal reality physics with the spooky magic of quantum paradoxes. I think, I might have the answer… 

You see, there is one missing ingredient, that actually makes a grand difference! And that is a step closer to the Grand Theory of Unification, the Holy Grail of physics. Connecting the classical (Newtonian) physics of reality with quantum physics REALITIES! 

Quantum physics is not linear. That’s the whole problem with it. In many cases it is unpredictable. They (scientists) say it’s random, but they don’t understand one very important thing. They don’t want to understand it right now! Not yet. They’re rejecting it.  


Because the humanity in general is rejecting it. Humanity is not truly ready for it… but it’s that close (almost snapping) right now! The breakthrough is that close right now (almost snapping again) – a few years… maybe! Maybe even less – who knows! But this understanding will change everything. 

And I don’t just mean new robots and stuff! I mean a whole new experience and hmmm… perception of reality. Everything will change! It will open eyes for all humanity. And some have already predicted it. They called it the Grand Portal – the scientific proof of the existence of the human Soul… of the existence of so much more than we, as humanity know right now… Yeah! 

So, I have created a new energy equation. I have edited a little bit the Einstein’s equation to incorporate this very key ingredient of… human consciousness, of personal consciousness…. of I and YOU! 

In the present equation: E=mc2, c is considered an absolute constant. And that’s not true at all! it is true & works, but only when you stay within the confines of mass consciousness. The normal, typical perception of reality. 

It’s even funny, because in this equation c is squared. And it can be visualized as if c was closed in a box. Light is in the box = very limited perception of light. And we want to get out of the box… 

Mass consciousness somehow causes energy of light (photons) to act limited, creating an illusion of classical, Newtonian physics. And yet when single scientist, or a small group of them observe it in their labs, photons, and other particles act in a quantum way, doing magical things: instant communication regardless of distance (quantum entanglement), existing in multiple instances of itself at once (superposition), quantum tunneling, etc. 

Some would say that it’s because of the scale. Scientists look at single, very small bits of energy, and that’s why it behaves so magically. Yet it has recently turned out that even big groups of atoms can do the same! 

In fact, there is nothing that prevents whole physical objects to behave as quantum waves of energy, with all their magical peculiarities. So, the chair you are sitting on right now should actually act in the same weird way as a single photon! So why doesn’t it? 

You should be acting like that too! 

So why don’t you tunnel (teleport) yourself where- and whenever you freaking want?  

The answer is simple! Because you are perceiving yourself and all reality in a mass consciousness way. You are creating the limitations. Your consciousness is conforming to the mass illusion of “normal” reality. That’s all. 

Change your consciousness, and the reality will follow. I think that’s what transcendence is all about. Transcending limitations. Setting yourself free from the belief systems of mass-reality. 

My proposition is a new energy equation, that takes into consideration not only mass consciousness perception of reality, but also individual, sovereign perception – unique to a single consciousness. To YOU! To me. We all have our own uniqueness of perception that can make, and actually already makes a huge difference in the way reality is shaped. 

That is why every human has different experience of life. Some are rich – others poor. Some are lucky – others not so lucky. Etc. 

Energy is really I-responsive. It responds to my consciousness, to my “eyes” – to the way I look at it and feel it. Therefore, the new energy equation is… 

E = I m c 

I have called this new, individual perception of light the letter “I”. Yeah, pun intended! In new physics it’s all about I, and you, and everyone else. Energy becomes something personal! It’s yours! Or, at least, you can make it yours if you so choose! 

E = I m c 

Instead of c in the box (c squared), I propose to differentiate between casual, limited, mass consciousness version of light and YOUR LIGHT! Limited light (c) is still part of the equation, at least as long as you want to participate in human reality. But there’s a chance that someday you will not want to be part of humanity anymore. And then you gonna disconnect fully into a state of absolute freedom of E=Im. 

I know it all sounds a bit esoteric. But when you take a closer look at it, considering all the weird quantum mechanics – it really makes a whole lot of sense! 

“I” can equal “c” in many cases. When you just conform to the mass illusion of reality, that’s what you gonna get. No quantum magic in your life. Just plain old Newtonian stuff – boooring! 

But you can also go beyond! Actually, you can be in a wonderful &-state of reality. You can have both! 

Everything already is like that; we just don’t see it! But we can! We sure can! 

“I” is not constant, like “c”. It’s a variable that depends on…YOU! And it is not just a number – in a normal sense. It is multidimensional number. It’s a bit difficult to explain. So, for now I’ll leave it as it is. I’ll sure write more, explaining this new energy physics, that I’m discovering in connection with my art. 

The bottom line is very simple: It’s time to bring consciousness into equations – all of them! Because everything is… just your perception.