Albert Einstein was wrong?!

Ok, he was partly right, but – big BUT – he was spooked by the fact that energy can do weird things! He said it’s a “spooky action at a distance”. Meaning a principle called Quantum Entanglement where two bits of energy can communicate faster than light.

It’s proven. And it blows up our contemporary science! Well, no wonder he thought it’s spooky! Scientists are still trying to explain it, and I might have figured it out!

My sculpture pictures this realization! Actually creating it was my way to ground those new physics potentials in our human reality…

I mean it’s even logical! There has to be type of Light that travels faster than normal light. And that’s why I distinguished c * c into c * I – aka there is normal light that travels 300K km/s © & there also has to exist ultra-Light (I) that travels even faster. I’ve called this ultra-fast light I-Light. 

And so it’s no longer E=mc2… the new energy equation is…

E = I m c

“I” because it means that energy is in direct correlation with the effects of… your personal consciousness.

Quantum Entanglement carries awesome implications – embracing it brings a whole new perception of reality… where there are no limits… and everything depends on… YOU! Your own perception of reality/energy.

This is also why the expansion of Universe is currently speeding up, even though, according to physics, it should be slowing down.“I” as ultra-Light is also very symbolic, because it literally is about bringing back Self to the driving wheel of reality….