A lil’bout me

I’m Sha Dhar

New Energy Artist

I woke up at 3:33 in the middle of the night. I dreamed of my sculptures. They are enchanted & truly magical … I’m surprised by it myself – because I didn’t plan it at all.

In this dream, I realized my sculptures are not just sculptures.. they’re all like a type of artistic electronic circuits, only that instead of electricity, they are powered by a completely new type of energy!

I called this energy PSI… because it’s somewhat psychic… it’s a type of life-force energy… but different from Chi or Prana… I guess it might be a type of Prana or Chi… no… it’s something much more pure – crystalline in nature!

In this dream, I also realized how, by creating my art, I bring into earthly reality an amazing Light that emanates and reaches all people, inspiring their consciousness. My art is literally illuminating new potentials and possibilities, that can be tapped into by others… creating solutions for our world!

This is my passion… a type of mission even!  I love to feel this beautiful flow of magic, when I’m creating my art… knowing that it has profound positive on all humanity. I am the Bringer of Light & a whole new expansive consciousness!

I discovered my art as a type of self-therapy, and as an aid in my – sometimes a bit crazy, but mostly awesome & amazing – spiritual/mystical experiences. 
I’ve never thought of myself as being an “artist”, and yet I’ve become one in result of spiritual enlightenment. 
Or does it matter at all? 
Anyways most of my sculptures are made from pieces of wood I receive during my walks in the deep forests of Poland. 
I communicate with the Spirits of Nature, and they inspire me which piece of wood to take and how to infuse it with healing energies. 
I love feeling natural energies, and then expressing them in my art, and through my heart! 
Also there is a hint of quantum physics involved in the whole process (one of my great passions), which adds some tabasco, and rationale to the mix, making my artworks really energetic and full of innovative consciousness! 


Philosophy at the University of Warsaw 
Teachings from the Spirits of Nature. 
Soul Communication 


Keys of Courage / July 2017, Radom, Poland / out-door exhibition/performance 
LABartorium / August 2016, Skaryszew, Poland / – Summer Art Conference installations and gallery