I was sitting in my garden just as the sun was appearing on the Eastern horizon.  

I was feeling very content and in my soulful radiance. My consciousness was also open to the other dimensions so I could easily feel when Saint-Germain appeared in front of me. 

I laughed because I made myself a coffee and a tea, because I was not sure which one, I want to drink. Actually, I wanted to drink both of them. But the funny thing was that I have put it on the table as if I was sitting with someone who is having coffee while I’m having tea. When Saint-Germain appeared on the chair, I said, “wow, look at that, I already made you a coffee and I didn’t even know you’re coming!” 

He just smiled and took a sip. And I realized I was feeling his and other Masters energy for a few hours at least. As human me, I was simply breathing, allowing and enjoying the silence of the night, and mellow beauty of the rising Sun. But on other levels, the non-physical levels of my consciousness, I was attending a meeting with Ascended Masters and other human Masters like me. 

When I realized that St. Germain smiled and said that he was with me all the time since the day I was born, because I am a very precious human being. One of those who have incarnated in this time even though they didn’t have to. I have incarnated into this human body already being a realized master. I have agreed to go through the process of modern version of enlightenment. To experience it for myself, because when I was becoming the master, it was many centuries ago. The other reason for this was the fact that we wanted to create a type of pathway that will allow modern day humans an easy doorway to enlightenment. 

We could clearly see what’s happening on the planet. We were also aware of many potentials that could have been chosen by humanity. And some of those potentials were really horrible. The Earth needed an infusion of enlightened consciousness beings to open better potentials more creative ones and not destructive. Well, the Earth and humanity still needs presence of the Masters on this planet. That’s why we are still here. 

And also, because life in physicality is really amazing! You know, being a non-physical Ascended Master is a great thing, yes. But being able to be an ascended embodied master is even better. You know, physical sex is much better than non-physical, really!   

You see, I came here in disguise. I have taken on myself issues and dilemmas that I didn’t really have to. I have gone through things that were very very difficult, because I wanted to create potentials of resolving them being available for other humans. Well, actually, to be honest there are no other humans – all the humans are me. You see. It’s a beautiful paradox. Actually, it’s not a paradox it is a type of superposition consciousness. Superposition is a quantum state of energy that means that it is everything and nothing at the same time. It’s a beautiful consciousness! 

The dawn was gently giving way to a new day. I was simply breathing, listening to the birds singing all around and allowing – feeling all the layers of energy & communication. I felt like a precious gem surrounded with comforting layers of noble energies.  

Suddenly, I found myself standing in a hospital room, looking at my mother with a tiny infant in her arms and tears in her eyes. I was not the only one watching this moment. The room was full of energies. Many grand beings came to witness the birth of the Christ. The energy was radiant and my heart exploded. I felt such immense love I cannot even describe it and I will always remember this feeling.   

My eyes flooded with spring waters of love. And I just couldn’t help myself and started crying and laughing at the same time. I couldn’t believe that my birth was such an event! Saint-Germin was wrapping it all with his energy that felt more like Archangel Gabriel at this point.   

The energy of Archangel Gabriel is something I was very familiar with throughout most of my childhood that I remember. I was a very introverted child, spending a lot of time by myself, sitting on a tree, or in the meadow and just being with my non-physical friends. I didn’t understand it back then, I didn’t understand what’s happening – I just felt loved, I felt that I have to wait for something to happen. Archangel Gabriel and Saint-Germain were visiting me quite often.  

And they still do.  

Feeling all this love and appreciation made me feel very special. But I know I’m not the only one, who carries and shines this Christ Consciousness. And if you are reading this, most probably you are Christ also. Actually, all humans have Christ Seed within them, but within us, the awakened ones – it is no longer just a seed. It’s a living energy, shining Light.  

I consider Saint-Germain my great ally and friend. Although the way I feel this energy is different from anything I have seen. I have experienced many channelings from Saint-Germain via different mediums/channelers. And I noticed that each of them presents unique version of this energy. I think that my Saint-Germain might be just my own. The more I am in contact with it, the less I am interested in outside channelings and teachings.  

You know, there are things that the human mind cannot grasp. It needs to evolve towards them. I discovered that the less I try to figure out my spirituality and multi-dimensional experiences, the better for me. These things are not logical, linear. These things can be surreally absurd or even seem contradictory. It’s somewhat similar to Quantum Physics – it’s crazy and very complex, when you try to understand it. But after a while, you just feel it. You just get it on an intuitive level, then your rational mind catches up and starts to embrace those new concepts & viewpoints. And your perception of reality is completely transformed.  

– How do you like the coffee? – I asked my friend.  

– Delicious… you know why I am here, Lukas? – St Germain asked.  

– Yes, I know.  

– And do you know why YOU are here?  

– Well…  

– I see that you are no longer sure whether you want to continue being here. – He interrupted me.  

– Yes… well…  

– I want you to remember how you came here. – He interrupted me once again. – Remember what happened before you jumped into the tube of reincarnation. Do you remember our final conversation before your birth?  

– Yes… I remembered it a few times. But, funny, how the mind forgets things like that. As if something was there to wipe out the memories even when you somehow manage to remember.   

– It’s a mass consciousness effect. – He said and rolled his eyes.  

– Yes. Now, being in this awesome inter-dimensional space with you… now I remember once again… oh, damn it! – I knew it’s going to be one hell of an incarnation. It seems so surreal. I almost think that maybe I make it all up… maybe, you are just my fantasy…  

– Well, and what isn’t your fantasy?! – He rolled his eyes once again. – Let yourself immerse in the feeling of this energy, that I am embracing you with. Yes, others here too. They are more in the background, because you are so familiar with this Archangelic Gabrielli energy. You feel intuitively deeply safe with it. You know it so well…  

– Yes. It’s my own energy. It’s my own. Wow! So good feel it. To remember… thank you!  

– Take a deep breath, my friend. So, you want to stay here, on Erath, or do you want to go with us? Why would you want to stay? Now, that all your Soul plan, and contracts are done. You are free to do whatever you want! What do you want? What is your heart feeling fire for?  

I took another deep breath. And another… feeling into my heart. My passion. And the answer was very simple. It was right there. I was surprised that it is so simple! And just there!   

– I already am in my passion, Saint-Germain. I just feel tired. I have gone through so much in this life. As you know… Maybe I should have a break, or maybe even die, rest, and rebirth in an easier setup than this one…