Size: 28 W x 80 H x 20 D cm
Made of: pine wood, oak, oil paints.

While creating this sculpture, I experienced a split in my personality. I have split up onto me, who, going out into the darkness, disappears in its uncontrollable multidimensional spaces and onto me, who returns from it back into unity. I lost myself in the multitude of potential worlds, and then regained myself in a new way.
In this fork-state I still felt that I was myself – I still had a body and mind capable of functioning and performing daily activities, yet I was somewhere else. As if I did not exist as solely myself, but as many versions of myself, in many different scenarios of reality. Some of them are hard to even call reality, such different they were from what we normally call by this term. 
It’s a paradox in the classic sense of the word. Because how is it possible? How can you be and not be yourself at the same time? Shakespeare’s question, to be or not to be, ceased to even apply. I was and I was not at the same time! 
I think that quantum physics theorists could compare me to the famous Schrödinger’s cat, who personifies the law of quantum superposition. It tells us exactly that everything, every particle of matter, exists and does not exist in every possible state until the act of observation is done. The act of consciousness. This consciousness determines whether the cat is alive or dead in a given moment. Mysterious. Even now my mind cannot fully grasp it. And yet, somehow, I experienced this! 
You do not believe me, of course. And I, myself, cannot believe it sometimes. Maybe I’m cheating myself. Maybe I made it up. Maybe I have drunk too much mint tea, or it was the effect of a sleepless night, and too much conscious breathing. However, since scientific experiments prove that this is not a fantasy, but a mysterious nature in the dynamics of all matter – then why couldn’t I actually experience it? 
Well, this is the message of the Paradox of Unity sculpture. Like most of my sculptures, by the way, it channels, and tells a story about what I experienced while creating it. It talks – almost sings! – about the amazing nature of human consciousness, which in some unintelligible way, happens to coincide with the quantum nature of matter. All my sculptures are basically about one thing: our consciousness is something much bigger and more amazing than we realize. 
Consciousness is not limited to only the five senses and the mind that interprets their experiences. With her help, you can experience far more than just what we know from the past. Consciousness is flexible and subject to the laws of physics in the same way as all other elements of reality are subject to it. The human self is not just what a person thinks they are at a given moment – every human is much much more, all the while being themselves! Odd. 
Although I am one, I am also a multitude. Although my name is Lukas, at the same time my name is …