Second title: Quantum of Consciousness​​​​​​

The reality we live in is made of energy. Patterns and algorithms of energetic behaviorisms create the illusion of our perception of reality.

​​Quantum Assembler is an​​ awe-inspiring assemblage sculpture, symbolically picturing a new programming language that allows morphing the behavior of energy. Your energy.

As humanity, we are part of this complex programming, but it is only recently that we have discovered that we’re not just mere programs – we are the PROGRAMMERS of reality! ‍

It’s very similar to the realm of computers. In order for the computer to work it needs a set of instructions on how to interpret data and build the experience shown on the screen.

In order for the human mind to work it needs a set of instructions on how to interpret sensual energy data and build the perception of reality shown on the screen of your psyche.

Yes, indeed, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)!
The way your mind interprets data of energetic reality coming from your senses determines the way you will experience this ​moment. It’s all just energy and consciousness inter-play.

We are pre-programmed by our ancestors to perceive energetic reality around us, and within us, in a certain way. It is like we have a pre-installed operating system that makes us experience energy in the way our ancestors have programmed it through their evolution.

It’s not bad programming but, just as with computer programs, there is always space to allow some updates! And this is where Quantum Assembler comes into play.

Quantum Assembler is the core level programming language of energy.

Energy, in its very core, is raw and simple – it simply follows the programming of your psychic CPU’s computing fashion.
You can make anything out of this core energy.

You can just follow your ancestors’ programming and perceive reality just like your father, mother, grandmother, etc. Or you can re-program & update your perception of reality to suit what you feel and desire for yourself!

This is where creativity/imagination can influence how you experience life. Your imagination is the limit. Or, better said, your IMAGINATION is the freedom to experience your moment however you desire and choose! Real is what you make real!

Just imagine that!

It’s not just some metaphysical/spiritual mumble-jumble. Quantum Assembler is actually a real thing, creating a revolution in modern technology.
The invention of Quantum Computers is symbolically showing us how human consciousness is entering a whole new era of freedom and awareness. The fact that YOU can program your reality UX (User Experience).

You can continue living in your ancestors’ flat DOS world, or you can embrace the future of your own multidimensional personal energetic Windows 11 reality… Tailored to your fancy!

This is what my awesome assemblage sculpture illustrates: the freedom of consciousness self-realization.