True love cannot be forgotten. I remembered it unexpectedly, while in my darkest of hours. Somehow. Suddenly. She came… or maybe I arrived? Who knows…?  

It all started when I was having my bath in the early morning. Just as the summer dawn was slowly emerging out of the night’s bedroom.  

I was breathing in the tub, enjoying my safe space, having a gentle candle lit, drinking some delicious, very good quality coffee. Just caressing my body. Loving myself. Loving myself in every way.  

After a while, I arrived in the state of pure beingness, orgasmic beingness! Clear mind. Body at ease. The simple joy of existence. 

My imagination opened up, and I started experiencing parallel realities. It felt as if I am lying down in a dark room with a few candles lit. The air was filled with a beautiful fragrance of oriental spices. Some sage burning on the side. Then she said: 

– Just relax! … I’m going to serve you with pleasure… 

– Oh! I know you! – I exclaimed while opening my eyes to see her. 

– My name is Liao Lin – she smiled. – Just relax and let me serve you.  

She was beautiful. Naked Chinese woman. But her skin was radiant white. Amazing light. I could feel the essence of Quan Yin in her, but it wasn’t Quan Yin, she was Liao Lin.  

I surrendered to her. I let her massage my body. And as she was massaging my body, my imagination opened even more.  

– Oh! – Liao Lin whispered – We have to let go of some of these… 

And I saw a roll of old movie tapes, kind of flowing out of me. I took a deep breath.  

– Yeah, just blow them out. They’re not even yours. You’re very sensitive. You’re picking up a lot of feelings from other people, and some of them get stuck once in a while. All you need is a little massage. You need this little spa here. – She smiled once again. – Just relax. Yess… Let go… 

And then my imagination opened even more. I found myself being a butterfly floating around many dimensions. Flying through energies and time-spaces. After a while of this dazzling voyage, I was standing among the huge, Greek columns. It was grand. Shining white marble. And it felt surprisingly soft, so calming – marble is an amazing substance. Somehow, I instantly knew that this particular marble has very special energetic qualities. That’s why it was used to build the temples. 

Suddenly another lady appeared. She was beautiful. Very beautiful. Her hair was shaped into a type of bun – somewhat like Princess Leia’s hairstyle in Star Wars. Her eyes were green and blue at the same time. Very enchanting, sparkling, warm eyes. I could look into them forever.  

– Welcome, my friend – she said.  

– Wow! What a beautiful place! – I was almost shocked. – I feel I know you… Are you the green fairy from my dreams? 

– Well… somewhat. My name is Sophia. But you can call me Sophie if you want. – She smiled, and I’ve noticed a beautiful necklace on her neck. Emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, silver, and gold. And a type of brooch in her hair – masterpieces of jewelry art. 

Oh, she was gorgeous. Beautiful. I felt… well… that I desire her. That’s what I felt. I was a little bit ashamed of this feeling, considering the circumstances of our meeting. But she just smiled.  

– Never be ashamed of this feeling – she said. – It’s natural! It’s the most sophisticated, precious human feeling. Wear it proudly in your energy. Always let it shine through! Always let your desire for love be free and radiant. The desire for sensuality is the most sacred desire.  

– Yes, I know – I said. – Yet sometimes I’m a little bit afraid to express it openly… I mean, wow, you are a goddess. You’re the sexiest, beautiful being I have ever seen!  

She laughed, and after a minute of looking deep into my eyes, added: 

– Come on, I have something prepared for you. Just follow me.  

We entered the temple. It was huge, amazing, and even though it might have seemed cold because of all the marble there, it felt actually cozy and warm.  

– You know, it’s Greece! It’s a hot country, so those marble floors and walls were very soothing. 

– Yes. They’re creating amazing ambiance.  

I followed her. I could already see that she’s guiding me to a type of altar, located somewhat in the center of this huge temple. It was a huge type of bed with fruits and flowers all around. A few naked women were dancing around in a very slow, ceremonial way.  I could hear water flowing, yes, oh, the water felt so soothing and comforting. I took a deep breath. 

– We are going to teach you. – Sophie said. – We are going to teach you about the art of love. We are going to help you remember the sacred love, the sacred sex. Just follow… just follow the energy… 

I wasn’t afraid or ashamed in any way. I could feel my heart open up. Everything became so… it’s hard to describe. Soft. Open. Flowing. Without definition, and yet so… poetic. 

I have entered this sacred energy, and it wasn’t a really erotic experience. It wasn’t like I was having sex with all these women, although it could have been, I guess. It was so pure and energetic, that it defies our ideas of what sex is. It felt like all these goddesses’ kind of… they kind of enveloped me. Embraced me, and I surrendered completely. Sacred feminine & masculine energies were dancing and rejoicing within me. 

After a while of bathing in these beautiful energies without any particular definition, I started to feel potentials. I could see myself as a type of healer, sharing these energies with others. I’m not sure whether it was a vision from the past or something that awaits me in the future. 

– Just open it up. Just let it all flow. Don’t hold back! – Sophie said. 

Yes. I could feel this rush of freshness and joy coming over me. And it felt so familiar. Like I know this already. It’s just me! Yet somehow Sophie was there with me. She was guiding me in some way. I can’t really explain it in words right now. All I remember is that she has shown me many things related to the nature of sexual energies. And how I can use these energies. How to remember them clearly, and awaken them fully within me, and then how to share it with others. 

– Yes, just receive! – She said. – Just receive it… 

I was breathing deeply. Holding one hand on my heart, and the other one on my genitals and she said… 

– Yes. This is your link. Your sexual organs are a type of link to the most sacred energy of you, the most core energy of your Self. It is like that for everybody! Both men and women. It was forgotten. Obscured with shame, doubt, and guilt. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. You can reopen it. And then you can help others to reopen it as well. 

And then everything shifted, and I saw the future. I saw myself as if I were a woman. I was closed in a type of glass tube, or box. Almost as if it were a coffin. And I could feel a big nasty spider hanging at one of its corners. It was some kind of a robotic spider. I got a bit scared. Oh, my god, what is that!? My body started shaking, and Sophia very calmly and firmly said… 

– Don’t be afraid! Feel it! Face it! Feel the fire! Feel the fire in the core of you! 

And I could feel this blazing flame of orange light emanating from within me. Like an ancient type of torch. Just like the one the Statue of Liberty is holding. The Flame of Liberty… 

– Yes. – She said. – Just feel it. Let it soak in you. It’s that simple. It really is that simple! All it takes is to feel the inner flame while facing the darkness openly. 

I took a deep breath. And another. I was just breathing with this fire. Feeling it. My body was going through some kind of release. I could feel, and even hear some changes in my muscles and inner organs. Yeah… 

– Relax. It’s ok – she smiled. – Never be afraid of this energy. You will face it each time you make love to another. It’s the darkness within. It’s the shame and the guilt. It is what is obscuring energy of the Soul within humans – their sacred sexual energy. Yes… But it’s ok. Just feel the flame. Breathe with the flame. Be the FLAME! It’s going to burn all of the old stuck energies, and spiders, and bugs, and all other ways your mind may envision them. 

I felt embraced and creased with amazing love and support by not only Sophia but also, well, I think they are called the Sisterhood of Isis. It felt so beautifully safe and sweet. 

After a few minutes, I guess… I’m not sure how much time passed… Sophia said: 

– And it’s done. Just let this energy expand and be with you. It’s going to ground itself in your organism. Let it cleanse you, and remember to take care of your body. It needs extra attention, nourishment, and love. 

I smiled and took another slow, gentle, deep breath. Then we talked about many things. I will not recall all of them right now. One important thing, I’d like to share, is that Sophia told me about a great risk, taking place on Planet Earth right now. This risk is that masculine energy will inhibit the feminine once again. That humanity will forget what is true sensuality, and true sexuality. And that it doesn’t have to be like that. There are many potentials available right now. So, it all depends on what humanity will choose. 

– Share. Share this energy with others. – She said. 

– Yes… and… will we meet again? – I asked. 

– Yes. It was only the first lesson, let’s say… the first infusion. We are going to meet again. 

– So… how can I find you? 

– You will find me through the energy of self-love, also known as Aliyah. I will come to you in the Aliyah energy – the sacred love you can find within yourself. 

She paused. Her eyes sparkled with deep blue light. She grabbed her necklace, showing it to me. In the very center of it, there was a rectangular crystal of the same type of blue color as her shining eyes. 

– Actually, you can call me through the blue emerald. 

– Blue emerald? 

I looked into her eyes. They were really blue emerald. I could feel the energy. Blue yet green at the same time. Interesting… It was somewhat like the crystalline waters of the Southern Seas.  

And then I remembered myself as a child. I had my own little treasure chest, made from a shoebox. Among many funny little items – there it was! Blue emerald! Of course, it was just a toy made of plastic, but for me, it was a real treasure. A symbol that I didn’t understand, yet could feel nonetheless. 

Many other things transpired during this experience. Most of all it was really soothing and rejuvenating. I feel so refreshed! A real surprise and a gift for me! Can’t wait to have another one. Who knows when and what it’s going to be…? 

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash