Dragon Balls are new energy potentials.

Dimensions: 40 x 75 x 50 cm

Materials: pine and oak wood, pine root, copper wires, oil paints, dragon’s feather 🙂

The message of this sculpture is that you can’t really do anything wrong in life. 
So you do not have to constantly try to do everything right – because it does not matter anyway. Even if you make a lot of mistakes, eventually you will only grow thanks to them. “What will not kill you will strengthen you” – says the old wise proverb. 
You just have to trust yourself! 
Do not let the mind enter your beautiful sunny parade and spoil it with gray acid rain of fear and doubt in your own abilities. 
The mind is hypnotized to worry about everything. Can you just stop and finally believe in yourself? The human mind is a funny thing! It worries, thinking as if it would protect you from some terrible defeat and failure. And the funny thing is that when you’re worrying, you’re actually creating your failure! 
You see ?! You think that doubting yourself and being overly careful & cautious will provide you some kind of protection – and yet it is exactly the opposite! 
You’re just wasting your time and tons of energy when you constantly doubt yourself and worry about everything. Just stop doing that m’key? 
Be the dragon instead. 
Have balls. 
Enjoy life. 
Life’s good!