Two hemispheres of human brain represent different parts of our psyche. Science has proven that left is about rationale, while right is all about imagination. I have discovered another fascinating facet of this duality.
It’s also a bit like having two opposite poles within: mild and spicy. The key to balanced, happy life is to embrace both of them fully, without leaning onto either sides…

During my years-long quest to become spiritually enlightened & live in a natural way, I started to control myself to become a better, more compassionate human. I started denying a very significant part of my self. My spicy self! My chilli flavor! I have become too nice & gentle, trying too hard to make everything perfect. I became afraid of mistakes! I didn’t want to do anything wrong, or hurt anyone, so I’ve shut down this vital, expressive & charismatic part of me.

Creating this sculpture was my way to re-discover my spicy hemisphere! Bringing back balance and becoming authentic again.

Dimensions: 44 x 20 x 18 cm
Materials: wood, plastic, metal, oil and acrylic paints, pine cone, screwdriver, nimbus wrench, silver key to the magic realms of consciousness!