Subtitle: Dei Un Gnost

Dimensions: 42 x 52 x 32 cm
Matter: oak wood, birch, pine, hornbeam, crystal balls, potentials, wrench, screwdriver, brush, and more.

This sculpture is part of my research in creating a new type of technology, that will help humanity transcend the limitations of time & space reality/simulation.

What happens when you allow yourself to feel beyond the macroscopic illusion of reality?

What would happen if you allowed your Quantum Self to be present with you in your everyday life?

Is there a possibility that you are more than just a physical (electromagnetic) human being?

All of these are questions that I was exploring while creating this sculpture! It took me all year round of experiencing a wide range of mystical phenomena. Countless meditations and facing both the inner Light and depths of darkness.

Through this intense process of inner alchemy, I’ve discovered the 4th element of reality… it’s beyond words.

The 4th element is the divinity inside each of us. And it’s so different from all of the descriptions I’ve stumbled upon throughout the years! No book, no teacher, no one knows the Truth. All words fall short when confronted with the sensuality of one’s True Self. That’s all I can say.

Divinity is very simple. So simple, that you might feel awkward. That’s because we are taught about spirituality in terms of superpowers, grandiose intelligence, or magical abilities. And I have discovered that the fourth element is not about that at all!

It is innocence & purity. Childlike creativity. Sweetness and gentility. Openness and surrender. Freedom of imagination. And yet it can be fierce & passionate.. paradox upon paradox.

Most of all my experiences with divine consciousness within have shown me, that art is the most exquisite way to bring these amazing qualities of the Soul into our human macroscopic illusion, called 3D reality.

Artistic expression grounds the subtle, quantum energies of the Soul’s crystalline current of electricity into innovative potentials for all humanity. Art is the first frontier of human evolution. From that, the creative energies sprout forth and inspire science, technology, medicine, and even the simplest things of life, that we live every day.

The 4th element is about going forth. It’s about transforming the electromagnetic dualistic illusion that we live in, into whole new energy. Combining Newtonian, mental reality physics based on the past with quantum magic of the future.

It’s an authentic revolution.