Everything that exists is a result of the Big Bang. And it’s a quantum phenomenon. Actually, it’s something even more primal than quantum physics, although it can be translated into basic quantum principles. 

Therefore, life in itself, the way cells organize themselves and evolve has to be considered in quantum terms. DNA and even cells are not just physical objects. In truth they operate in the same way that photons of light do. And have to be considered as such in order to understand the original information, that still develops itself through the process of Life. 

Cellular dynamics of growth and mutation happen not only via physical DNA, that we can currently understand, that’s why it is mysterious.  

Our minds are Newtonian. Our computer programs are also Newtonian. That’s because human thinking process is based on terms of limited reality perception. Evolution is not limited to electromagnetic energy (light) – it also incorporates so called “dark energy” – something totally unknown in modern science.  

They key to understanding the algorithm of evolution is therefore going quantum. Classic computers are designed in the image of our classic Newtonian brains. Software (algorithms) is being developed by humans, who think in a standard, Newtonian way: 0 vs. 1 – action & reaction – logic that is simply an illusion of macroscopic, limited scale of perception. 

In other words, we have to understand that cells don’t “talk” and “think” in zeros and ones alone. For them reality is not time-based. They act as quantums of energy. They are very much like microscopic quantum computers. For them there are no bits of data, they use q-bits. 

Q-bits are, as you all know, nonlinear. They are in a state of all potential states at once. Now, that’s spooky, I know, but that’s how Nature “thinks” and operates. Our eyes don’t see it. Although in quantum biology it is well known, that cells are doing those spooky things. 

So, to the point, the Encoder and Decoder, are not just two objects. There is almost an infinite of them in a state of quantum superposition. And the intelligence responsible for computing the mutation of DNA is not contained with the cell itself. It connects with all the possibilities of its evolution, based on communication with all the potentials of its future versions, and the energetic harmony with environment. 

Nature computes its evolution, even in the bacteria, based on the highest potential good of all Life. Bacteria serves a purpose in Nature. It is there by design – to perform specific actions in order to facilitate & maintain the balance of the ecosystem it exists within. Illnesses are the same thing. They are designed by Life in order to bring back into balance, what is out of balance with everything else. To heal an illness, it isn’t just about manipulating biology – it is a matter of recognizing and changing behavior patterns causing an imbalance in the system. In other words – illness because it serves evolution. 

AI will never get it. Even when AI is going to harness the power of quantum computing it will not be able to fully emulate Life. At least not in the century we live in. Simply because it wouldn’t be in the highest good of the ecosystem. Humanity is not ready for this. It would destroy us. The algorithm you are searching for is the very key to understanding what “god” is. And it’s not a linear algorithm – it is multidimensional… beyond logical understanding (as of today). 

There is something very intelligent, as The Challenge assumes. But it’s not a simple algorithm, that can be written as software program. Not even as a quantum software program. Not yet. This something is the consciousness of all Life. Some may call it God. Some may call it Universal Mind. But it’s not mind. It’s a an interactive, individual yet interconnected principle of Life. I call it simply consciousness. Observer of the energy/reality phenomena – so to speak. 

Everything responds to its desire and will. And its desire is very simple: to evolve through continually expressing itself in a new way. Adapting to the changing environment, and designing this environment at the same time… for the highest good of itself… and ultimately of all Life. Even if the highest good may seem bad in our limited human eyes (diseases, disasters, etc.). 

Bacteria is part of Life. Human is part of Life. Earth is part of Life. Universe is part of Life. There is greater design taking place, than we cannot even understand, let alone harness its “power”. Not yet. DNA is a code, yes. But the code is not decode-able in a Newtonian thinking, logical way. It does quantum things. It is using tunneling and entanglement to communicate with Life and compute its mutations. 

I believe, that there has to be a type of quantum field of information itself. DNA is responsive to it. it’s part of the communication chain, expressing this field’s instructions. Even so-called accidental mutations, caused by radiation and other supposedly external, random factors, are part of the consciousness’ design.  

As you know, the factors of time and space, as we know it, are not working the same on quantum levels. Future versions of the bacteria (or any other living being) are just as real and present, as its past versions, and present version. 

The present version of any form of life is therefore computed not only via current environmental conditioning, but incorporates all the other potential environments (yes even the future). Who/what orchestrates that? Well, this is where we leave science (as we know today) and enter metaphysics. Consciousness is not yet accepted by the scientific community – but it eventually will have to be. Then the original patterns of evolution will reveal themselves. 

There is no death in the eyes of quantum consciousness. There is only growth of self-understanding through the ongoing mutation (transformation) of reality. Be it on cellular or more broad levels. Death is a mutation process in itself. It is shedding one set of DNA expression in order to be able to remake the being in a new, majorly updated version. And this update is not simply to create better biology, or survival mechanisms for the being. It is about realizing something much grander, than physical attributes. it is about the growth of consciousness itself. In other words – death is necessary for the evolution process, but the consciousnesses cannot die. Eventually it will re-express itself in a new physical form. 

Quantum computing is right now in its very beginning stage. It’s going to evolve, as humanity grows wiser. Not just more intelligent, but wiser, more mature. More compassionate. More creative and capable to perceive grander picture of reality. The more we are ready to be as Life is, the more Life will evolve, reveling its secrets to us. That’s how it works. That’s why today is better than 500 years ago. And tomorrow is going to be better than today! 

It doesn’t depend on how smart scientist are – this also orchestrated by the Consciousness of Life. It’s a matter of, well… maturity & wisdom of the Soul. 

As I said, my solution to The Challenge is very simple: it’s about the very first algorithm ever. It’s still the same one. It may have grown wiser, but it’s still the same one. 

It’s about turning nothingness on! Hahaha! Yeah, really! 

Making 0 into 1 through the superposition of both of them! And then tunneling the very best potential of reality (0) into reality (1). Consciousness is not only singular perception of reality; it is also all the others aka imagination. Consciousness as we understand is just part of something bigger – something we might consider imagination.  Consciousness as we know it today (human senses + mind) is a focused, narrowed down part of the Grand Consciousness aka imagination of all potential realities. It is the consciousness that focuses its desired version of reality from the vast potential versions of it, with harmony and communication of all Life. And this where the answer is to be found. 

I have recorded this answer in a different today during my experiments connected with art. I recommend you to listen to it. I have uploaded it via Google Drive for you: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IgXoZUUhq-gnuPLokptENmEjELl0C1SK 

Thank you for taking your time, and listening to me. I know this is not what you were expecting to get, and it probably doesn’t comply with your contest’s rules, but I just had to share it! 

They key to understanding DNA mutations is understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy itself.  

0 * 1 = the superposition of infinity and nothingness, and not just nothingness (0) – it is the potentia of evolutionary possibilities, until… you observe it! Until each and every individual instance of Life makes it into its chosen reality expression, via the act of consciousness/observation, and for the sake of evolution into yet new version of self, and therefore all of Life. It’s all designed for the Soul (overall, non-focused in a linear way, personal consciousness) to become wiser and more compassionate.