Dimensions: 16 x 55 x 5 cm
Materials: pine wood, oil and acrylic paints, various gadgets

The message of this sculpture is that there are two essential, primary energies in each human being: masculinity and femininity. 
Female energy is the energy of imagination, inspiration, dreams, potentials and possibilities. It is she, who is responsible for the birth of new ideas, inspirations and potentials. Let’s call this archetypal femininity present in every human being: Eva. 
Equally important in human life is his male energy, that I called Adam. Male or masculine energy is responsible for the ability to concentrate, focus on one potential and bring it into reality. 
It can be said that Eva generates potentials and Adam impregnates one of them. Adam takes sweet inspiration from his beloved muse, Eva, and together they make a choice about which of the potentials is the most suitable and has the best chance of manifesting in reality. 
Adam is responsible for expressing the potential in physical reality. It could be said that Adam is a grounding energy. It is him who brings the creativity of Eva, the feminine energy, into the manifestation in physical matter. 
The colored balls, visible on the sculpture, symbolize the matrix of potentials born by Eva. To these potentials, Adam joins his concentrated, masculine energy, which seeks to fertilize one of them and enliven it with his vigor. It is a bit analogous to the love act between woman and a man. Well, you see, within Nature everything is analogous and connected to one another. 
Oh, making love is not only a physical act, but also a process present in the creation of every reality and creation! 
Actually, I’m not saying anything new here. For it is a duality known to mankind since the dawn of history. This is particularly present in traditional Chinese medicine, speaking about the balance of Yin and Yang, meaning the female and male elements. The same wisdom can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism, the mythology of the Slavs and many other places. 
Seems like reality simply works this way, and that’s it.