Dimensions: w = 40 * d = 20 * h = 40 cm
Materials: pine wood and a white pine cone; oil paints, battery-operated LED lights.

Notebook (A5 size) with an Indian horse, present on one of the photos, is there to illustrate the dimensions of the sculpture.

The most important choice that can be made is to choose to LIVE.

This is where it all starts. When you choose life, Life chooses you. As you choose to live, energies begin to conspire around you and within you, bringing you everything that supports your choice: LIFE. But when you don’t choose Life – well… you start the death process. It’s a very simple dynamic.

I mean, I say that, because I’ve experienced it!

When I’m not sure if I want to be here anymore – everything starts falling apart. The body begins to lack vital energy, the mind becomes depressed, and all the energies simply stop flowing. And then I have this horrible impression that my soul begins to leave my body, and with it, my creativity, inspiration, imagination, and willingness to play – they all disappear. No life-force, no fun.

So…. why not just make that damn, clear, conscious choice to LIVE IN JOY?
It’s waaaay more exciting than walking around in a zombie-like state of barely enough.

Choose life… and everything else will follow. I think it’s the simplest magic formula of all time. Law of Attraction 101.

One choice… tsunami of consequences!

Yeah, that’s roughly what this sculpture is all about.
But, ok, let’s extrapolate on it a bit. Why does that happen?

Why there are times that humans don’t choose to live?

Well, simply because the world can be a rough place.
We all know that sometimes things aren’t great. There are failures in projects, or when your partner leaves you, or when you can’t afford what you want because you don’t have enough money. There can be a lot of reasons. But perhaps the biggest reason for not choosing life (aka choosing death) is that we are naturally spiritual, non-physical beings. Sometimes you just feel this unexplainable urge to return to this natural spiritual state – to the non-physical beingness. You want to get away from material reality, and perhaps never come back…

That’s why most people are never fully alive. They are here, and yet not here at the same time. Of course, people are afraid of death, so they cling on to their bodies, but they don’t really want to fully be embodied either. The body is a sensual instrument that makes you feel everything very deeply. Both pleasure and pain.

Therefore most people have learned to focus most of their attention in the mind, rather than in the body. They race in their heads all the time. Even when this race is over and there is a moment of silence, they immediately search for something that could occupy their attention once again. People don’t like to truly feel. So they’d gotten addicted to their minds!

The mind is an anesthetic. It has this mechanism of filtering energy and masking the depths of energetic feelings by constantly generating emotions and thoughts. Consequently, most people believe that life is all about thoughts and emotions! But the truth is, life is all about sensuality! Being sensory.

Do you see what clever mechanism humankind has created? How we learned to deal with the tsunami of feelings (life!). People began to escape life, going into the world of the mind and its fantasies, stories, illusions. Such a state of functioning is certainly not choosing life in its joyful fullness!
Just take a look at how technology has developed. Nowadays, most people prefer to focus their attention and energy in the digital world of the Internet (artificial mind!), rather than being physically sensual. The digitization and virtualization of reality are progressing at an alarming pace. And while I do not deny the benefits of virtual reality, I think it is worth remembering that it is just an illusion! Perhaps it should be called virtual illusion – not virtual reality. It’s merely an extension of the mind’s game.

And now think about the fact that Artificial Intelligence might soon exceed human intellect. Virtual simulations will, therefore, become almost as real as the bodily and sensual ones. Yet, while seemingly just as real, they will only be very real illusions. Just as with the mind. Can you connect the dots?
When you live in your mind, disconnected from your true amazing awareness, your sensual consciousness, you are already existing in virtual (mental!) reality! And that’s certainly not true LIVING!

However, most people will not be able to tell the difference. Most people are already unable to distinguish the virtual illusion of their thoughts and emotions from true feelings. I mean, the reality is not solely mental & emotional! It is sooooo much more!

You see, that’s how important the choice of life is. It is the choice to be sensual and material – present here and now! Truly ALIVE!
It’s a choice to enjoy the beautiful things that surround us on this wonderful planet. It is the choice to fully exist! Deeply experience. Be an amazing sensual human being! Physical! And enjoying it to the max.
Choosing to live is choosing to get out of head, and enter your true Sensual Nature.

This is how the mind, the Internet, and virtual reality are all the same. Yes, they have their place in life and can be of great service. But, let’s remember that these are only tools and not the essence of Life itself.

do you choose to truly LIVE?

If the answer is YES! – put your smartphones aside and dance in the rain!
Yeah! High five!