I have realized something remarkable concerning myself being the master – or a realized human being on Earth. I have called it the ugly duckling syndrome. I think most everybody knows the story of The Ugly Duckling. For many years I’ve been feeling I am the ugly duckling in this world. Because I am so different from other humans, and even though I tried so hard to fit in and be like others, I simply couldn’t. Therefore in my subconscious mind, I have accepted the feeling of being inadequate – as if there’s something wrong with me.Today I undoubtedly know that I am the master.I know that I was feeling inadequate only because I am realized, enlightened Christ child. A child that has grown up and finally becomes who I really am.The Ugly Duckling is only seemingly ugly because it’s a swan in disguise. An inadequate – maybe even considered a bit crazy – human is so different because he is not just a human. I have been judged by others so many times that I have accepted the energy of being “ugly.” Subconsciously. And today I feel, I no longer wish to pretend I am anyone less than who I feel myself inside – teacher and the messenger of new consciousness.I communicate with my Soul, and she/he/it often tells me: “Be honest with yourself! Be authentic!” What does it mean, dear Soul, I kept asking. And even though I could feel the energy coming through, I couldn’t put my finger on it. I couldn’t grasp what it means to be honest with myself.Finally, I realized what it means. It means that I was playing the role of someone who is still searching for enlightenment;  someone who still has things to learn and great channelings to listen to; someone who still needs to learn some lessons and amend myself to an over sketched standard of what it means to be enlightened. It was just a role.  I was playing it because I didn’t trust myself enough…? No, not even that. In truth, I just wanted to be 100% sure that I got it all right.It’s the ugly duckling syndrome. When you are an ugly duckling most of your life, you suddenly look in the mirror and see that you are not a duckling anymore. Suddenly you realize you have become a gorgeous, elegant, radiant Swan. You almost can’t believe it! There is this reluctance to accept your new shining white feathers and deep, wise eyes, the beautiful wings and magic dancing in your energy field. The energy you have become is so different from who you knew yourself through the rest of your life so far. So, there is this tendency to want to pretend: “No, this can’t be true! I’m an ugly duck, not a swan! I’m not sure if I am ready to be the One! So maybe I could pretend, just for a while, that I’m still an ugly duckling, unfitting to this world.”And guess what happens! That’s exactly how energy works. It has compassion for you – it will play along with your little game for a while. That’s why my Soul kept saying to me that I have to be honest with myself. It’s time to stop pretending that I am anything less than the true master, the radiant swan, the swanky artist, the divine-human.I have gone through a long journey, and I’m finally home.

All my art is about is connecting with new energy and grounding it through creative expression…. New, radiant, creative energy.

Sing in Life

I sing in Life. A song of my soul. Song that started with black and white notes of being just a human with so many doubts, self-loathing and confusion.
And yet it became colorful symphony of joy. How? Well…
Not through a lot of suffering or self-discipline or even positive thinking. None of those things really matter!

I have been searching for myself for 20 years so far or even more. I just don’t even want to count that! Because the timing doesn’t matter just as well.
I am confused and doubting myself everyday because such is the nature of human mind. And even though I am not a “human mind” anymore, I am very empathic. I feel so much from humanity’s awakening symptoms.

And every day I create an alchemy – turning gray notes (stones) of human song into multidimensional artistic symphony of soul accomplishment! (gold)
I am breathing deeply….I tone and sing, just to awaken this flame of self love and flow of energy within me….I make art because it makes it all so much easier!
And through the years I have created my own fairy tale that I live in and… it works!

The true art is seeing beyond The box.And the box is who you think you are.
Let your inner lion self turn on the green light and take you down the rabbit hole of imagination into self-wholiness!