Second title: Unblock your Soul Passoin

This sculpture tells a story about what it means to realize your true passion.
Everyone has magical violin inside (or saxophone, flute, clarinet or any other instrument you like) that are a symbol of the greatest treasure that can ever exist – your SOUL ENERGY!

We all have uniqueness within us. And it can be expressed! Doing it is the Passion of the Soul! This is something that we have to “un-beaver” in order to be truly happy. Because we generally

forget about our passion and connection with the Soul – it’s an effect of mass human consciousness: spiritual amnesia.

Passion gets cluttered and damned within us. And without its joyful flow we get unhappy, bored, confused, lost – even depressed. Beavers build damns on rivers. Mass consciousness causes us to damn our of river of life-force energy. Let’s un-damn it. Let the joy flow. Play your magic violin. Do what makes your heart sing! Be yourself! That’s the energy design of this sculpture.