What is LABart?

Laboratory art (LABart) is a metaphysical, conceptual form of art, created for the purpose of exploring the correlation between human consciousness and the energy of reality.

It delves into energy dynamics which today’s science cannot measure or even detect.  

However, with the help of art, you can start to feel and define them. 

As you will see, the original principle or idea – LABart potential – expanded significantly beyond what initially came to me.  

This bold, brave and innovative form of art has penetrated into all spheres of my life and opened me to completely new perspectives and true explosion of creativity.

How I make art 

Creating my art is a very elegant process.

It starts with a long walk in the woods that is also a type of dream-walk (shamanic term) in the non-physical realms of consciousness. I called this type of walking PsychePath.

During my walk I allow a type of spiritual alchemy to take place. It’s about letting go of the mind perception of reality and opening up into the vast potentials of the Cristalline Spheres also known as creative realms or Christ energies. 

These are beautiful! Magical! Over the rainbow ?

At the certain point I leave the roads and paths to freely roam through the wild forest… Surrendering to the natural ✨ flow of pure life force energies. It affects my body and mind.

Peace. Serenity. A sense of Grace takes me over.  

And then I get those AHAs… It starts flowing through me, and I usually record them. It’s almost like a type of channelling… Just in my own way! Then I usually find some beautiful pieces of wood. I gather them, bring home and make an installation. Oftentimes I also gather some other natural elements.. 

It’s all from the heart… Very intuitive and yet specific – everything is in tune with the conceptual inspiration I got during the walk out in Nature and also out in the non-physical realms… It’s really amazing!  

After a long while (a few months), with patience and lots of meditation & creativity, I end up with an awesome new energy sculpture.

It’s full of mystical depth and revolutionary ideas. That’s how it works! It’s not just a sculpture… It’s a type of living energy technology… magical future technology… PSI+art – the fruit of LABart process.

My art has aroused from my consciousness explorations. By combining creative expression with conscious breathing, I have connected with the crystalline realms. These are the realms of inspiration, innovation and creativity. They are not outside of me, but part of my soul essence. Every human has those pure creative new energy realms within. 

And it’s very pertinent, because we are in the time when those Christ energies and potentials are most needed. If there is a time that we have all been waiting for to be here – this is the time!  

Well for me it is not really anything different than what I was experiencing before. In my process of awakening and coming into realization I have pretty much experienced all darkness. I have died so many times, and I have rebirthed myself so many times…. In my wisdom I understand why the coronavirus exists. Even though it is not a pretty picture right now, actually it serves a great purpose. 

It is here to help humanity wake up. Just like my own experience with the sexual energies virus has forced me to look within – address and resolve so many of my old issues, release so much of my old karma and angelic contracts from before the creation of Earth. It may sound harsh but every darkness serves a purpose. It is here because humans need it. 

In my deep states of allowing and meditation I have contacted with what could be termed as my self from the future. Actually it is not just my own future self, but the potentials of all humanity that exist in the purest crystalline form – ready to be brought into the now moment. It only takes for the humans today to start channeling those new “future” energies into their own lives. 

And that’s what I do through my art (as well as many other artists).

Creative expression is so good for this task of channeling future “positive” potentials, because it distracts the mind. It allows the mind to calm down, and hence incorporates more of human overall sensual energy, rather than the mental process.  

When I channel my art I don’t know exactly what type of energy it’s going to be. I can just feel a type of fresh, exquisite, joyful innocence. So I know it’s good stuff! New energies are in a state of Sans Definition… It takes some patience & trust to bring them down. 

After a while even my mind catches up and starts translating those sensual, artistic energies into mental concepts, insights, and understandings of very deep nature. 

During my artistic channeling I oftentimes meet various beings. Sometimes it’s Merlin, or the Archangels, a few ascended masters… and even some dragons. But my favorite friends are the Star People. 

Every time I meet them, I have amazing visions about the future of the Earth, and especially about how to connect, or converge, technology, art, and spirituality into a coherent, synchronous, harmonized new consciousness for humanity.  

I have created and discovered so many things so far. I wrote a few books about my consciousness adventures in my native Polish language… 

So I’m writing all of this now, because a few days ago I met the Star People once again. I am working on a type of sculpture, that is actually very innovative. It takes a lot of patience, listening to the Energy, and breathing to even start doing anything with it.  

So I was sitting in my laboratory, in front of my pieces of wood, and paints, and I felt stuck. I didn’t know how to move anything. Plus I had just heard some very negative news about the coronavirus and I was a little afraid actually. 

I’ve been breathing deeply just listening. And then I felt like toning a bit. And from the tones I started to sing. And then this wave energy took me over… I lost control… I was crying and singing in the dragon language. Yes I know the dragon language. It has come to me for my experiences with the dragon. Well it’s a long story, I will share it some other time. The dragon language is amazing because it is multidimensional and it really goes way beyond the mind. It is somewhat similar to the Lemurian languages… 

So who are the Star People, one might ask. They’re certainly not some aliens or even angels. They are us from the potentials of the future. Reality is not linear. Time is really not sequential. And this is not just an esoteric concept, it results from the quantum physics understanding of reality. So the future is not somewhere away. It is actually just a breath away. There are many versions of the future floating around all the time in a form of potentia. Some of those future potentials are negative, you could say. And there are also many very beneficial, creative potentials available… We are the ones, who choose which ones we want to bring in and experience in physicality. 

So, you could say that the Star People are just my imagination of the future potentials of me and corresponding humanity. Potentials that are beautiful and filled with life. These somewhat like very beautiful stars… Nonetheless sometimes it is a very real imagination! I have conversations with them and they show me things. And all this time I know that this is just me playing in the crystalline, creative spheres of new consciousnesses. Exploring the vast horizons of the Sea of Potentia… 

So this particular sculpture is very special for me, because it takes me a long long time to channel it, and I still don’t know what is going to be about… 

Well, actually now I know what it is about. The Star People have shown me some very interesting potentials…and it is very much connected with the coronavirus situation. “They” have shared with me the bigger reason why this virus exists, and what it is aimed to do for humanity. They have also shown me energetic pathways that are potential solutions of this global situation, and including finding the cure for this virus. 

So yeah I’m working on my sculpture, channeling those new solution energies for my own life first and foremost! And also I know that it’s going to have very positive effect for all Life, and all humanity. 

If there is a time that we have all been waiting for to be here… This is the time! 

Time to be the Merlins in our most heartfelt PASSION! The fruit of the rose is here!  

Blessings to all!