It’s a type of unicorn… just that it’s a bunny… with a horn or corn – as you wish! It’s about being able to hear beyond the noise of mass consciousness aka the Matrix. There is noise all around, all the time, that makes our minds set in a certain way. And it’s ok, but it can really make you feel small, and depressed, passionless, un-creative, confused… you know! That’s way we all have a corn! Yay! Some call it third-eye or intuition… it allows us to hear and feel into new potentials, and have great creative ideas… and go for them! And express something a little crazy, but brilliant, new & innovative… yeah! Bynnycorn is a type of unicorn that you have within! Feel it! Let it soar and express what comes to you in the moment… with passion and joy!… and balls too! hahahaha!